WEBINAR: A New Way to Tackle Parts Ordering

March 13, 2022

How OEC worked with shop owners to create new parts ordering features to address current pain points.

How OEC worked with shop owners to create new parts ordering features to address current pain points.

Ordering parts can be one of the most costly and time consuming parts of collision repair. That’s why OEC created CollisionLink Plus. Join Sarah Truman, OEC Product Director, Collision as she provides a behind-the-scenes look at CollisionLink Plus and how her team engaged collision shops and conducted industry research to determine which new features should be worked on to address existing pain points in shops today. Tune in for this in-depth look on how OEC works with customers to evolve solutions to solve customer problems with CollisionLink Plus.

This webinar will share recent product upgrades and enhancements, including: 

  • How CollisionLink and CollisionLink Plus reflect customer wish lists and help users reduce administrative costs, save time, and increase profitability. 
  • How OEC has been able to identify and get ahead of supply chain issues and resource shortages by working closely with shops.
  • How the product enhancements now available in CollisionLink and CollisionLink Plus were influenced by stakeholder interviews and research.
Sarah Truman, Collision Product Director, OEC

Sarah Truman is currently a Product Director working at OEC for over 14 years. She is responsible for product strategy and growth and is based in the Cleveland area (she has also spent 18 months as an expat in the UK). Truman has led major product launches including most recently CollisionLink Plus and MyPriceLink. When she isn’t busy solving industry pain points, she enjoys running, hiking, and cooking a variety of cuisines.

Chris Messer, Vice President and Publisher, 10 Missions Media

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