WEBINAR: Introducing estimateIQ: Learn How MSOs Can Streamline Their Central Review Process

Nov. 22, 2022

Join Bob Gates from OEC and his 30+ years of appraisal and compliance review experience as he discusses the new EstimateIQ solution designed to provide MSOs with:

  • Enhanced intelligence – Technology layer for central review provides reporting for the entire organization, creating transparency down to the individual estimate.

  • Creates consistency across all locations – Create a standard for your estimators and help create consistency regardless of experience.

  • Insurance specificity for each operation – Sets values that will be accepted by carrier partners with customizable results. 


Ian Szilagyi

OEC Collision Solution Manager Ian Szilagyi has an extensive background in the collision repair software industry, specifically related to workflow technology, software purpose-built to manage physical assets, and eCommerce solutions. As a member of the CollisionLink Plus go-to-market team, Ian has expert insight into the collision repair market and he continues to work closely with collision repair facilities in an effort to support their business goals.

Bob Gates

Bob Gates has 30+ years of experience working with the insurance industry writing estimates for vehicles, heavy equipment, and specialty units. Bob is proficient in multiple estimating platforms and has a deep understanding of the procedure-pages in all estimating platforms and how that relates to creating a complete, accurate estimate. Bob also has 10 years of experience completing appraisal assignments.