Auto Body Hawaii

Oct. 1, 2012

SHOP: Auto Body Hawaii  LOCATION: Kailua Kona, Hawaii  OWNER: Dale Matsumoto

1) The 24-foot-high plastic sheeting roof with fiberglass insulation allows for constant airflow to keep the shop cool.

2) The open area in the middle of the shop is called the breezeway and is used as a staging area to map out repairs. It’s located right next to the parts department so technicians can efficiently double-check and match parts to make sure all the correct items were ordered.

3) Several skylights were installed to provide lighting. Electricity is very expensive in Hawaii (the shop’s monthly bill is $6,000), so the shop only turns its lights on a few times per year during rare stormy days.

4) The floor is coated with cement sealer, which makes cleaning easier and reflects light to help brighten up the facility.

5) The shop has five Rotary brand overhead lifts: three 9,000-pound lifts, one 12,000-pound lift and one 18,000-pound lift. There are several lifts because the shop also has a full mechanical department.

6) The shop only has one actual wall, while the rest remains fully open all year long. The open design allows for several points of access into the shop, prevents bottlenecks and allows every vehicle to move around freely.