Westside Collision

Jan. 1, 2013

SHOP: Westside Collision  LOCATION: Houston  OWNER: Ronnie Johnston and Mike Matejek

1) A 15-foot awning on both sides of the building spans above the shop’s garage doors. It doubles the size of the shop’s work space in nice weather, and technicians often use the additional square footage for disassembly, reassembly and paint prep procedures.    

The awning also helps keep the shop cleaner. On rainy days, it serves as an area to dry vehicles before entering the shop floor to prevent water from dripping throughout the shop—a potential hazard to both technicians and equipment.

2) The overhang on each side of the facility is used as an outdoor, drive-in estimating bay. Customers can comfortably access the shop in poor weather, and it gives estimators a pleasant area to work.

3) Signs in the parking lot designate specific parking spaces for each of the shop’s insurance partners. That guarantees each agent will have a convenient place to park when they arrive at the facility.

4) A wrought-iron fence with electric gates surrounds Westside Collision’s property, which is used as a vehicle storage area when the shop is closed. Johnston says the wrought-iron fence has more curb appeal compared to a chain-link fence, and it’s also more difficult for outsiders to climb or cut through.

5) Large windows line the entire front office. That makes the office feel more open and comfortable for customers, and allows front office personnel to keep an eye on traffic in and out of the facility.