Make Your Shop A Talent Magnet

Nov. 19, 2020
Hire the best by attracting the best.

Nov. 19, 2020—Hiring and retaining employees is a consistent struggle in the automotive industry due to the limited number of people going into the field. During AAPEX’s virtual experience earlier this month, Rick White, president and lead coach at 180Biz, offered insights into which employees you want to hire, how to get them in the door, and how to keep them on staff. 

White uses the term “top talent” to refer to the types of employees you want to hire. To put it simply, he said, “Instead of feeding on each other, top talent feeds off of each other.”

FenderBender caught all the tips and tricks so you can start filling your shop with the best of the best.  

Types of Talent:

  1. Toxic Talent

White defined toxic talent as “employees who are extremely disengaged and just in it for themselves.” He warned that toxic talent may also do what they can to hurt the business, if given the opportunity. Toxic talent makes up 16 percent of the workforce, he said. 

  1. Typical Talent

Typical talent makes up the largest part of the workforce at 51 percent, White said. Typical talent is not necessarily negative, he noted, “They strive to be their best, but they’re not part of a team.” Typical talent is just that: typical. 

  1. Top Talent

White said top talent employees are extremely engaged and make up 33 percent of the workforce. 

“They’re superstars,” he stated. “They demand the best of themselves and the team.” 

Top Talent Looks For:

  1. Wages

White said it’s not all about the wages for today’s employees, but offering a competitive salary helps get applicants in the door. 

  1. Benefits

“Today, people are looking for four-day work weeks and a way to help their kids through college,” he said. 

Benefits like matching 401Ks, health insurance, and paid time off not only catch the attention of future employees, but show that your company is invested in more than their work ethic, White said. 

  1. Workplace Environment 

White said the top talent in today’s workforce is actively searching for a company culture that is able to evolve within its industry. 

He said the types of work environments that are most appealing “encourage growth, have a culture of continuous improvement, and show their employees that they appreciate them.”

  1. Reputation

White put it simply when he said, “Top talent wants to work with the best.” 

Keeping Top Talent:

  1. Better Boss

White said a better boss is able to show that they care while keeping their employees engaged. When it comes to caring, he said a little encouragement goes a long way. 

He suggested creating a “Wall of Fame” at your workplace to showcase stellar employees. 

“When they see a framed photo of themselves inside their workplace, they tend to walk a little taller,” he said. 

  1. Brighter Future

“You have to be a resource,” said White. Being a resource to your employees means offering opportunities regularly, whether that means going to training sessions or supplying them with the latest tools. 

Helping your employees plan for the future encourages them without you having to say it, said White.

 “[Your employees] borrow confidence from you to step out,” he said. 

  1. Bigger Vision

When it comes to seeing the bigger picture, White said it can be as easy as celebrating your employees. 

“Celebration makes their accomplishments real,” he said.