The CollisionCast Network from FenderBender offers three tracks each month that explore the industry's biggest trends, most pressing topics and the leadership and business management tips and strategies you need to thrive.


FenderBender's 2018 webinar series, sponsored by Robaina, will feature the industry's foremost experts delving into collision repair's hottest topics


Disrupt: Looking Outside the Shop

In this episode of Disrupt, Cynthia Varnell, 2018 FenderBender Awards winner, reveals how her employee initiatives that look outside of the shop, Gustafson Brothers Inc., empowers her coworkers within.

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Adapt: The Full Picture of a Claim

Nina Smith, Mitchell's executive vice president and general manager of casualty solutions, explains how integration, technology, and data provide the insights required to give adjusters a full picture of insurance claims.
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How I Did It: Jason Boggs' Secrets to Effective Leadership

In this week's podcast, shop owner Jason Boggs discusses how he figured out his own leadership style (and how it differs from his shop owner father's), how he tweaks his leadership style according to the employee, and the surprising parallels between collision repair and the restaurant world (spoiler alert: Boggs is an avid cook). 

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Adapt: Choosing the Right Welder

Brian Wasson, manager, program delivery for I-CAR, shares how to correctly choose the right welder for your shop. From spending the right amount to which models offer my job flexibility, here are the ins and outs of choosing a welder.
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Disrupt: Making a Successful Move into a New Facility

When J.R. Hubbard moved Selecta Auto Body into a new 10,000-square-foot building a few years ago in downtown San Francisco, he did so after thorough research and planning. Here's how Hubbard readied his processes, his employees and his customer base for his business's big change.
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How I Did It: Tiffany Menefee

This week, FenderBender begins its How I Did It series, which explores how the industry’s brightest leaders built their businesses. The inaugural episode stars Tiffany Menefee, who rose the annual revenue at Pronto Body Shop from $250,000 to $1 million in just three years.

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Disrupt: The Ins and Outs of Joining a Franchise

Is a franchise right for you? That's the question Jerald Stiele, owner of Hopkins Auto Body 1, had to ask himself before joining the 1Collision Network. On this week's podcast, he discusses the process of joining a franchise and in what ways it changed his business model.
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Vision: Coaching Your Team to Success

In this episode of CollisionCast, shop owner Sheryl Driggers discusses how she's built a culture of continuous improvement for her employees, and how she empowers them to strengthen their leadership roles individually.
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Adapt: The Importance of ADAS Calibrations

Sean O'Malley, senior test coordinator for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, discusses the importance of calibrating ADAS in vehicles—particularly front-facing cameras. Failure to calibrate windshield-mounted cameras could lead to issues with lane-departure and autobraking.
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