The CollisionCast Network from FenderBender offers five tracks each month that explore the industry's biggest trends, most pressing topics and the leadership and business management tips and strategies you need to thrive.



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FenderBender's 2019 webinar series will feature the industry's foremost experts delving into collision repair's hottest topics


Adapt: Mastering Telematics Technology

Ryan McMahon, the vice president of insurance and governmental affairs at Cambridge Mobile Telematics, provides insight into what's next in the future of vehicle telematics and also offers advice for how body shop operators can better understand the evolving technology.
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MSO Podcast: Interview with a Repairer-Part 1

In this episode of the MSO Podcast series, DJ Mitchell, vice president and co-owner of MITCHCO Collision Repair, takes over the interview to learn more about where technicians see their careers heading in the industry and what they find most rewarding about their jobs.
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FenderBender Interview: McConnell Trapp

In this month's edition of the FenderBender Interview series, associate editor Kelly Beaton speaks with McConnell Trapp, the director of Speed Trapp Consulting and a "white hat hacker." In the interview, Trapp details the craziest story he's ever heard about vehicle data hacking, and how body shops can protect themselves.

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