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FenderBender 20th Anniversary Series: George Avery

As part of FenderBender's 20th anniversary celebration sponsored by PPG, we take a look back at the collision repair industry through the eyes of some of its largest influencers. A past president of the National Auto Body Council and chairman of the Collision Industry Conference, George Avery’s expertise and passion for the collision industry is second to none.

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Driven to Learn

Rob Kirk has years of experience in the collision repair industry—but that doesn't mean he's got nothing left to learn. In fact, Kirk's dedication to learning and implementing new repair procedures is what helps his shop thrive.
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A Clear Vision

Finding inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and looking back at past experience can help shape the way you lead. Find a style that works for you and the culture you want to create.

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A Blueprint For Success

Mistakes happen when duties are not clearly defined or a job is rushed through. By taking time to define roles and do the job right the first time, customers will have a better experience than if their vehicle was rushed out the door.

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