Over 100 Years of Guaranteed Quality

June 26, 2019

Get the best refinish tools and services with PPG.

For years, PPG has led the way in paint shop innovation and technology with products, services and team members who are committed to one thing, and one thing only: you.

Your Partner in Automotive Refinish Coatings

For more than 100 years, PPG automotive refinish has had an unparalleled record of stout durability, top performance and unbeatable appearance. As the worldwide leader in transportation and industrial coatings, PPG offers the innovation, experience and stability your business needs, no matter the scope or scale.

PPG offers its team members unmatched training and support resources and is dedicated to the highest ideals of service and quality in the refinish industry.

The Best Coating Technology Available

Every problem has a solution, and every solution involves PPG.

PPG offers a full range of automotive collision, commercial transportation and light industrial manufacturing solutions for wherever the road may take you. PPG’s extensive portfolio of coating products is designed for ultra specific operational requirements, allowing your company to fine-tune its offerings according to your needs while enjoying top production and cost benchmarks with unbeatable compatibility and quality. 

PPG also continues to invest in research and emerging technologies to bolster quality, reduce paint cycle time and lower costs, all with an eye toward global sustainability and fostering responsible environmental practices. 

Exceptional Finishes

The longest hauls are rarely measured in miles—they’re measured in years. Exceptional finishes from PPG are guaranteed to last, assuring top quality in all refinish products. 

Qualifying shops can attain extra peace of mind with the PPG Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee, which assures that all refinish products feature state-of-the-art technology and will outperform the competition as long as your customer owns their vehicle. 

The Science of Color

It’s a colorful world out there, and PPG is committed to matching everything from Amazonian tree frog green to luminescent jellyfish purple and anything that falls in between. From investing in breakthrough research and innovations in groundbreaking hardware and software to capturing color information globally, PPG continually advances the art of refinishing. 

PPG is a strategic partner of transportation OEMs and pigment suppliers and has a trusted voice in the ongoing conversation about the newest colors and finishes.

The comprehensive PPG color database counts more than 27,000 new entries per year to a library of more than 3.5 million prime, variant and specialty color formulas. To navigate that library, PPG offers a comprehensive toolbox for fast access to the right formula for matching each color, and its color retrieval options are second to none. PPG embraces the latest technology to offer mobile access on smart devices as well as computerized touchscreen mixing and retrieval in addition to a full-featured paint management software system and best-in-class spectrophotometer. 

A robust toolbox featuring color selectors, tint guides, color-focused training, and toll-free color library hotline means you’ll have everything you need to create spot-on color every time.

Train with the Best

PPG takes care of its own, offering the best hands-on training available. Aided by 30 professional trainers averaging over 30 years of industry experience each, PPG offers a complete curriculum to maximize efficiency and revenue within the paint department.

The Technician Certification program blends classroom instruction with hands-on learning offered at 16 PPG Business Development Centers across North America. PPG offers a wide range of training classes for aspiring and veteran painters alike. Some specialty classes offered include the prepper class for new technicians, and color theory, tri-coats and specialty finish classes for more advanced technicians. Technicians are re-certified every two years and supported by a wide range of institutions such as vocational schools, I-CAR support classes, and online product learning.

Partner with the world leader in coatings. For more information on products and services, visit ppgrefinish.com. To discover solutions and strategies geared toward your unique challenges and goals, contact your local PPG distributor or representative.

Fast Facts

3.5 million+ Color formulas in a global database  

38,000+ North American customers using PPG Refinish paint 

15,000+ Technicians trained per year 

9,000+ Shops using MVP Business Teachings 

1,200+ U.S. and Canadian distributors 

115+ Years of innovation in refinish coatings 

1 company delivering it all


As long as there are vehicles to paint, PPG will be there to help you paint them.

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