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In the United States, Dan Am Company is the exclusive independent distributor for SATA products. Dan-Am also has many of their own items for perfect use with the SATA items, creating a complete system for the collision, custom paint, woodworking, manufacturing and industrial markets.  

The SATA paint guns are famous worldwide as high quality and excellent for even film-build, high transfer efficiency, great metallic control, and durability. The newest topcoat model, the SATAjet X 5500, has taken all of that to an even higher level. The SATAjet X 5500 offers even finer, more even atomization of material, softer feel when spraying, quieter “whispering” technology, and a great durable finish. All that coupled with two choices of nozzles from “O”- or “I”- shaped fans to allow the gun to suit the painter’s style.  

“Due to the new design of fluid tip and air cap, the air distribution insert is no longer required,” says Tony Larimer, SATA/Dan-Am Co. Director of Sales and Marketing.

“We have reduced the noise level of this whispering nozzle during application, giving painters the feeling of a softer, more comfortable coating process. The X nozzles considerably reduce paint waste!”

Beyond the newest topcoat guns, SATA also delivers the finest in air quality filtration in either the 200 or 400 series from 70 to 129 CFM capabilities and filters down to 0.01 microns—10 times finer than competitors. This gives you breathing air quality for safety and for the cleanest contaminant-free paint jobs. The SATA air Vision 5000 is a NIOSH-approved breathing system. It is in the Air Supplied Loose Fitting Hood category, which eliminates the need for fit-testing. It completely protects the painter’s lungs, eyes, skin and hair, offering complete bodily coverage for maximum safety and peace of mind. It cools the air, and offers extreme visibility to the job at hand. It is quiet, comfortable, and delivers clean air to keep painters healthy, happy, and above all, safe.  

Dan-Am Air smooth-walled aluminum piping is also available. Using DAA in conjunction with SATA filters allows the perfect combination for adequate volume as well as a clean air supply to your tools, whether in a paint shop or anywhere you want compressed air. It can be perfectly tailored to fit your shop needs.

The SATA primer guns are the best possible for atomizing high-solids urethane, epoxy, UV, or waterborne primer and sealer materials. The fine atomization and low overspray lead to perfect surface results that are easy to achieve. The SATAjet 100 B in HVLP or RP will deliver fine atomization, making primer look as smooth as topcoat. This eliminates many steps in the sanding process and cuts material use and waste dramatically. There is even a specific gun named the SATAjet 100 BP designed for sprayable body filler, but works also for many spray-on bed liners and for spraying large flake, too.

The SATA Minijet 4400 B is another great tool. Small in size, but large in production, the Minijet 4400 B is comfortable in the hand, durable, and utilizes any size SATA cups. Easy to clean with superior media atomization, this gun can handle the tiniest of repairs, up to painting panels such as fenders, bumper covers, and any motorcycle parts. It sprays everything from sealer to basecoat and clearcoat, single-stage, solvent or waterborne materials, and is even a great gun for spot repairs with primer. Save on materials, time and clean up with this small workhorse.

SATA RPS multipurpose cups are the best on the market. With a true vented system, they guarantee a perfect constant flow for constant color match and film build.  

“It guarantees an even color match and film build throughout the paint job,” says Larimer.

“What that means for a shop is that, if a painter is mixing material, he or she might only need two ounces. They can mix just what they need, get the same results and you don’t have the extra material that will go to waste.

“You mix 100 percent of what you need, and 100 percent will come out of the spray gun.”

SATA also offers many guns in automatic, robotic, fluid pressure and air-assisted airless for any needs. SATA is a company since 1907, and Dan Am has been importing it since 1981 into the USA.


The Painter's Playbook is presented by PPG and SATA/Dan-Am Co.




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