Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 Damage Analysis

Nov. 1, 2020

Increase customer satisfaction and reach a better bottom line

Utilizing Car-O-Tronic® Vision2™x3 to diagnose and document suspension before you begin a repair is the key to delivering a great customer experience and reaching a better bottom line. Checking suspension up front allows accurate blueprinting, estimating, avoiding extra trips to the alignment machine and parts delays. You do not need to be a wheel alignment specialist; stick to what you know best and rely on your Vision2™ to be your expert guide for the rest. Make it easier to exceed expectations and deliver a superior repair on budget and on time with Car-O-Tronic® Vision2™x3 in your shop.

Features & Benefits


  • Suspension diagnosis
  • 3D upper and lower body measuring with data
  • LED light identifies the correct measuring point when near position
  • Comparative and absolute (tram gauge) measuring modes
  • Compatible with nearly any frame system
  • Works with EVO™ anchoring, fixturing, and holding systems
  • Info center for online software and data updates, news, support, and interactive training


  • Easily identify control points with automatic measuring point photos
  • Photograph damaged areas and simply make them part of your reports
  • Email/print before and after repair reports
  • Real-time data delivered (3 times per sec) – real-time pulling
  • Bluetooth wireless communication from PC to measuring slide
  • Zoom of screens for easy view

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