Car-O-Liner® CDR1

March 1, 2022

The all-in-one cosmetic dent repair workstation.

Designed to repair small to medium auto body damage, the CDR1 Cosmetic Dent Repair Workstation from Car-O-Liner® is a value-packed repair cart that allows technicians to quickly and efficiently complete professional repairs of light cosmetic damage on aluminum and steel. These quick cosmetic collision repairs generate good margins, faster cycle times and decreased need for expensive, heavy equipment investments. The wide range of color-coded tools is neatly arranged in the workstation to roll around the workshop easily.

Features and Benefits

  • Dedicated Storage Drawers ensure tools are separated and organized, keeping them ready for use and easy to locate.

  • Carbon Fiber Pull Bars are lightweight and three times stronger than steel for ease of use; 50, 100 and 160cm.

  • WorkShop Solutions™ tool boards provide excellent equipment storage; pulling bars, hand-pullers (steel and aluminum), four 6-finger claws, and much more. 

  • CR235 Dual Spotter, switch quickly between two dedicated guns, meets aluminum and steel welding needs, no need for extra equipment.

  • Meets OEM demands for smart, quick repair solutions.

Three Versions 

Basic: Includes equipment on tool boards and in the drawers for the repair of steel and aluminum.

Advanced: Includes Basic plus a drawer for repair with glue.

Master: Includes Advanced plus drawers for a Holder Kit and Push-Pull tools.

Expand Your Shop’s Offering

Offer more solutions to your current customers and gain new ones by providing quick, efficient, professional repair of minor collision damage. Your bottom line is sure to grow!

To learn more, visit or visit the Car-O-Liner YouTube Channel.