A Legacy of Giving Back Inspires New Generations of Community Supporters

Dec. 20, 2023
Team members at Fix Auto are inspired by Owner Henry Arroyo, who has made sure his passion for philanthropy is carried throughout his business.

Henry Arroyo was raised to appreciate his blessings and give back to those less fortunate. When he founded his collision repair business some 28 years ago, that passion for philanthropy was part of his business plan. After joining the Fix Auto USA network in 2014, he found an ideal partner for continuing the support for the communities he serves.

Today, Arroyo has Fix Auto USA locations in Cathedral City, Indio, Palm Desert and Palm Springs, California, serving these cities with the highest-quality collision repair, and a special touch of compassion for the residents in need.

“I love to give back to help children, the homeless, those who are hungry and people who need a hand after challenging situations,” Arroyo said. “I’ve instilled this in our team members and integrated it into our business strategy. We have numerous customers who come to us because they heard about something we did in the community or return to our locations because they appreciate what we do to help others.”

Arroyo participates in the National Auto Body Council Recycled Rides program through Fix Auto USA’s corporate membership, and he has gifted a number of vehicles to families in need and veterans over the years. In January, he will present two vehicles to local families at a NABC event. He and his team collect coats, clothing, toiletries, and other items and take them to the homeless. They also work with Martha’s Kitchen in their local communities to provide meals for the hungry.

“Our team members are inspired to get involved and help those in need,” Arroyo said. “They find it fulfilling. When they experience the rewards of giving back, it changes their lives. They are happy to be part of doing something to benefit the community and our residents.”

During the holidays, Arroyo and his team held a toy drive for local children and donated 24 bicycles, which they assembled. They also stepped in to support relief efforts when Hurricane Hilary struck their area. Additionally, the team helped their local high school marching band pay their way to march in a national parade in New York with a $1,000 donation and challenged other local businesses to do the same.

“Henry Arroyo and his team are role models for their community and the Fix Auto USA network,” said Damien Reyna, COO, U.S. Collision Repair, for Driven Brands. “Their commitment to giving back to the community is inspiring. Fix Auto USA has a long history of philanthropy, and Henry is continuing this legacy and teaching the next generation of collision repair professionals the benefits of helping others in need.” 

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