A profile of Magneti Marelli's CEO

Jan. 1, 2020
Dino Maggioni, Magneti Marelli CEO, discusses the company's new offerings.
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Motor Age: What are the new offerings to come from Magneti Marelli in 2012?

Maggioni: Magneti Marelli's line currently includes filters, brake and suspension components, and is being expanded to reach 26 product lines and 3,000 part numbers available to Chrysler Group dealers. We will continue to further increase our offering based on market needs.

Motor Age: What resources do you offer shops to help technicians use and turn to your products?

Maggioni: With our products, technicians receive installation instructions to take the guesswork out of it and make it as easy and as fast as possible to service a certain vehicle. With smart packaging and smart part selection, we also offer a significant inventory benefit for repair shops, which helps them turn their inventory faster and be more efficient. Our training programs provide additional information that repair shops can use to educate their customers — and therefore, increase their sales. Magneti Marelli will also be offering diagnostic equipment that can be used in repair facilities to help diagnose the issue on any brand vehicles.

Motor Age: Have you established any training for this year?

Maggioni: Magneti Marelli closely works with Chrysler Academy to bring training to all Chrysler Group dealers. Training is being offered in many ways — from face-to-face group training at dealership conferences to online videos, technical articles to innovative iPad applications. Online live and on-demand webinars are planned for 2012 to make it even easier for dealers to stay up-to-date on our quickly evolving program.

Motor Age: Can you tell us more about your motorsports program?

Maggioni: Magneti Marelli has a long history in racing. In Europe, we provide innovative racing components to Formula 1, as well as rally car racing. For example, in 2011, there were several races, where all the cars celebrating on the podium of the Formula 1 races, world rally championship and the Moto GP were equipped with Magneti Marelli components. This has been a very satisfying and rewarding partnership. In the US, as we announced during SEMA, Magneti Marelli will be involved in drag races together with Mopar.

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