Moving shop websites ahead with 1&1

Jan. 1, 2020
Oliver Mauss, 1&1 Internet CEO, explains what repair shops should have on their websites.
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Motor Age: Why are solid websites important for repair shops?

Mauss: The former trend of using a phone book or directory to find a local business is in the past. Research has shown that 97 percent of consumers now use the Internet to research products and services. The increase in consumer activity on the Web indicates a strong desire for instant access and quick results so developing and maintaining an effective business website can seriously impact business success. Their online presence amongst tough competition will better the chances for gaining visibility and customers.

Motor Age: What information should all repair shop websites have?

Mauss: The important attributes for a repair shop website most certainly start with the content. Owners should create personalized text to inform customers about their specialized service offerings and compliment the nature of the information with images specific to their business. Also, site content should not be static but rather updated with fresh information regularly. It will reinforce your shop's expertise in addressing customer needs. There are also basic content elements to remember. Have your business contact details prominently on the homepage along with your hours of operation. Keep the website organized by keeping the layout simple and easy to navigate. Another modern technique is to link from your website to any social media profiles for your business. This can serve as a way to consistently update the site, for example with new promotions and services, to intrigue visitors to revisit the website.

Motor Age: What analytics should shop owners pay attention to?

Mauss: Site analytics are a great resource for a business owner to refer to when determining what aspects of their website are effective and most importantly, which ones need to be improved. These statistics can provide general information such as the total number of visitors and what content is most popular. Additionally, more in-depth data about what page visitors tend to leave the site from and which search engines directed them to it can be utilized. The knowledge gained with analytics tools is extremely useful and we encourage all business owners to take advantage of the information.

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