Getting involved in technical training with TST

Jan. 1, 2020
G. Jerry Truglia, president and founder of TST, talks about the importance of technical training and what TST has to offer.
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Motor Age: What is the purpose and/or goal behind TST?

Truglia: Our goal and mission is as follows: Keep our fellow technicians up to date with the latest technology; provide quality training seminars at a reasonable price; deliver practical, useful repair information; keep technicians informed of industry trends; and increase consumer awareness of our skills and professionalism.

Motor Age: Why is technical training through courses like TST offers important?

Truglia: The technical training is very important to working technicians and shop owners since vehicles are so complex. Techs need to know how to diagnosis and repair, rather than guess and replace parts.

Motor Age: What are some ideals that set TST apart from other training options?

Truglia: Since TST is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that provides nationally renown training at a reasonable member-price of $80 a seminar or $60 for the simulcast. These are not product seminars or corporately sponsored. TST is a cooperative where members combine their resources to bring the nation's leading technicians, engineers and instructors to bring relevant information to technicians to hone their craft and make their lives easier.

Motor Age: How does TST decide what areas to focus on in the seminars?

Truglia: We poll our members at each seminar and ask them for their suggestions. We review all suggestions then search for instructors who have training material and seminar's on that subject.

Motor Age: What do you feel the best method is for reaching today's technicians and helping them learn? Why?

Truglia: The best method is leader-led seminars where technicians can get together and not only learn from the instructor, but sometimes more important learn from each other. At every seminar we observe techs seeking information and learning from each other. We are bring back the techs' Round Table Forum through our TST webcasts where techs can speak their mind on what problems they are currently facing. Subjects include; problem vehicles, components, parts, tools, information, scan tool, equipment, employment and much more. The Round Table Form started in September and will be offered for free once a month.

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