Plenty of reasons to attend CARS

Jan. 1, 2020
Mitch Schneider, CARS 2011 chairman, shares the reasons you should attend this year's convention in Orlando.
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Motor Age: Why is CARS important for owners and managers?

Schneider: The most important reason to attend an event like CARS is exposure to other members of our community. CARS, and ASRW in general, is all about being thrown into a much larger (sometimes shocking) pond filled with new ideas and new people all willing and able to challenge what you know and think you know is real. I've said for a long time that if someone else has done it, it can't be impossible. Being confronted with an entire new universe of individuals who have already done it, are doing it now or are interested in learning what is not impossible so they can do it is invaluable. Anything we can do to expand our own "world view" prepares us for a world filled with greater success and opportunity.

Motor Age: Are there any speakers, classes or events that you feel attendees cannot afford to miss out on?

Schneider: This just may be the best program we've ever put together — certainly one of the most interesting and diverse. In addition to some of the finest educators in the industry, we've worked hard to include some new faces and new ideas just to keep things interesting, fresh and challenging. The world around us is constantly changing, and it seems only reasonable that we lead the vanguard of that change. We will certainly find ourselves confronted with it regardless. As far as classes you can't afford to miss are concerned, there are lots of them! But, that's too subjective a question for me to answer for anyone else. However, I will say there is a young man speaking on brand management, community and attracting a younger demographic that I'll be watching very carefully. His name is Ryan Schneider, and in the interest of full disclosure, he is an expert in that field, has lots of experience in our industry and is my son.

Motor Age: What, if any, benefits are there from the new date and location for owners?

Schneider: I think by taking the show to the industry rather than forcing the industry to come to the show we can attract an entire new universe of shop owners who wouldn't necessarily find themselves able or willing to spend two or three or four days in Las Vegas. CARS is exclusively a repair community show. Taking it to the community just plain makes sense.

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