Castrol and Walmart Tire and Lube express partner to offer environmentally-friendly oil change

Jan. 1, 2020
Castrol, a provider of motor oils and lubricants, has partnered with Walmart Tire and Lube Express to revolutionize how oil change facilities are built and operated with its Castrol Enviro-Pack (e-Pack) and innovative e-Dispense system.
Castrol, a provider of motor oils and lubricants, has partnered with Walmart Tire and Lube Express to revolutionize how oil change facilities are built and operated with its Castrol Enviro-Pack (e-Pack) and innovative e- Dispense system.

Instead of putting in costly bulk tanks that turn inventory slowly, the new prototype shop for Walmart Tire and Lube Express has a smaller footprint and solely runs on Castrol's e-Dispense and e-Pack.

For smaller volume premium fluids, oil changes are performed by manually dispensing out of the e-Packs instead of using costly plastic bottles, reducing the amount of plastic being placed into landfills. The collaboration between Castrol and Walmart Tire and Lube Express is further tangible evidence of the strategic focus that both Companies are placing on efforts to introduce and utilize more cost efficient and sustainable oil and lubricants solutions.

"Our partnership with Castrol and investment in the e-Pack product for our Tire and Lube Express business addresses a dual business objective – greater operational efficiency and a focus on more environmentally friendly packaging, " said Scott McCarter, Senior Director of Walmart Tire and Lube Express operations. "Our work with Castrol is unique in our space and has revolutionized how we purchase and utilize oil. Replacing more costly bulk tanks with e-Packs and e-Dispense units will have a substantive benefit for our business by reducing construction costs and improving inventory management."

The new oil change facilities build on the work that Castrol and Walmart have done on e-packs since 2008. The e-Pack packaging, a poly bag inside corrugated carton, is more environmentally friendly than quart bottles, which allows for more than 85 percent reduction in discarded plastic. As a result of businesses such as Walmart switching to Castrol's e-Pack and phasing out more traditional plastic quart bottles, Castrol reached a tremendous milestone with over 2 million pounds of plastic saved from entering the waste stream. The volume of bottles that were eliminated from the waste stream could fill approximately eight Olympic- sized pools.

In recognition of the environmental benefits and strengthening partnership between both companies, Castrol recently became a co- recipient of Walmart's Vendor of the Year Award for Sustainability. Walmart operates 2,500 Tire and Lube Express facilities in the United States and through their partnership with Castrol, it has eliminated approximately one million quarts of oil waste. Castrol's e-Pack reduces 86 percent of residual oil left in packaging versus the original quart packaging. The added benefit is that the cardboard e-Pack packaging is recyclable.

"Castrol is recognized and becoming synonymous with oil packaging innovation and leadership," said Dave Gannon, Innovation Manager at Castrol USA. "We're revolutionizing the way oil changes are being done by creating more efficiency in the process and helping Walmart save on costs by helping to introduce the first tankless TLE's. The business value proposition is clear - an innovative process that doesn't require installation of expensive bulk tanks while still enhancing the experience and performance with their direct customers."

A website dedicated to the Castrol Enviro-Pack has been launched and includes valuable information about Castrol's latest product offerings, as well as insight into the latest news and trends within the oil and lubricants industry.

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