Bosch draws motorists to repair shops and retail stores with national ad campaign

Jan. 1, 2020
Bosch's national advertising campaign for DistancePlus? oil filters is designed to create overall awareness of the product and drive traffic to retail stores and repair facilities.
Bosch's national advertising campaign for DistancePlus™ oil filters is designed to create overall awareness of the product and drive traffic to retail stores and repair facilities.

“All of our partners in the aftermarket should benefit from our current DistancePlus oil filter advertising campaign,” said Chuck Kerrigan, Director of Marketing for Filtration Americas, a business unit of Robert Bosch LLC.

“The campaign targets both do-it yourself (DIY) and do-it-for-me (DIFM) motorists who expect high levels of performance from their cars and accept no less from the oil filter that protects their engine,” said Kerrigan.

To this end, Bosch is making extensive use of the Internet as well as DIY-oriented print media to reach vehicle owners with facts about Bosch DistancePlus oil filters – that they are 99.9 percent efficient (the highest in the industry) and can capture and hold 300 percent more dirt than some economy filters on the market.

This nationwide multimedia campaign combines online and print advertising and promotional rebates to attract DIY customers. Scheduled for spring through fall of 2011, the online program will run from April until August and the print program is slated for June until October. Overall, the campaign is expected to deliver a high level of awareness for this performance product. Print ads are scheduled to appear in automotive enthusiast and other select publications such as Road & Track, Popular Mechanics and Import Tuner. Banner advertising is slated for similar automotive-related websites and online forums.



In addition, from April 3 to Oct. 29, 2011 Bosch is running the Bosch Big Savings Rebate Program that offers motorists in the United States a rebate on both, Bosch DistancePlus oil filters and Bosch Premium oil filters. The Bosch Big Savings Rebate Program offers drivers a $5 rebate on the purchase of any Bosch DistancePlus Oil Filter and a $2 rebate on any Bosch Premium Oil Filter. This rebate is valid on purchases made at participating retailers and repair shops. The rebate form is available at The Bosch Big Savings Rebate Program provides up to four filter rebates per household address with a maximum payout of $20 per household.

“As the largest supplier of parts to auto makers and the aftermarket worldwide, Bosch is able to transfer its knowledge and experience at the manufacturer level to the aftermarket. Our engineers have worked diligently to ensure that Bosch DistancePlus oil filters are compatible with all commercially available brands as well as with synthetic motor oils, and we provide coverage for nearly all domestic, Asian, and European cars and light trucks.”

“We expect that our “holds more dirt” (high efficiency, high capacity) advertising message will resonate with motorists across all marketing communication platforms, and drive sales to our retail partners and to repair facilities,” Kerrigan said.

Bosch is a proud supporter of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s Know Your Parts® education and awareness campaign. This initiative promotes the importance of quality brand name aftermarket parts backed by full service suppliers, and its impact on delivering reliable products to today’s motorists.

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