Pontiac NAPA Auto Supply dealer wins "Motorvation" grand prize

Jan. 1, 2020
Looking to help NAPA AUTO PARTS stores increase their profitability and filter sales, NAPA Filters created a unique six- month "Ultimate MOTORvation" competition to challenge ? and reward ? store owners and their outside salespeople.
Looking to help NAPA AUTO PARTS stores increase their profitability and filter sales, NAPA Filters created a unique six- month "Ultimate MOTORvation" competition to challenge – and reward – store owners and their outside salespeople.

NAPA Filters’ “2010 MOTORvation” sales challenge provided NAPA AUTO PARTS stores the opportunity to win a number of prizes, including an all-expense paid weekend to the thrilling BMW Racing Performance Center track and also a chance to win the grand prize: a 24-month lease of a 2011 3- Series BMW.

To enter the “MOTORvation” challenge, stores needed to sign up a certain level of new accounts during the competition period, July 15, 2010 – December 31, 2010. For each qualifying new account signed, stores earned points and entries into random drawings for one of 16 all-expenses-paid weekends at the BMW Performance Center and the grand prize BMW lease. The more filter accounts the stores signed, the more entries they were able to put into the random drawings.

MOTORvating NAPA Stores Across the Country “We’re always looking for new, creative ways to help NAPA stores boost their performance and concentrate on profitable filter sales,” explains Paul Kortman, category manager for NAPA Filters. “This promotion was an attention-getter and simple for stores across the country to compete in. We designed the promotion so it would be highly motivating on a number of levels.”

Kortman said random drawings from all the store entries were held across the country, and 16 winners were selected to attend a March 2011 weekend trip to the BMW Performance Racing Center in Spartanburg, S.C., which is also the home of BMW’s North American manufacturing plant. After two full days of driving every BMW model made on the performance course, the winners each drew a number, assigned to one of fifteen BMWs, from a fish bowl. Only one of those fifteen BMWs was keyed to start.

And thanks to strong new business sales and a lucky draw, Pontiac, Ill., NAPA AUTO PARTS store owner John Giordano won the grand prize BMW lease award during the weekend trip to the BMW course.



Founded in Pontiac in 1978, Pontiac NAPA Auto Supply is a family-owned enterprise with 20 employees and stores in Pontiac, El Paso and Dwight, Ill. Giordano’s father, Paul, opened Pontiac NAPA Auto Supply and recently transitioned the business to son John.

“I was grinning ear to ear all weekend driving all those BMWs,” Giordano says. “When we all pushed the start button at the same time, I was stunned to hear my car’s engine start. I’m thrilled to have won and really want to thank my employees, customers and NAPA Filters for helping make this possible.

“I was really just looking forward to the weekend trip. That really would have been enough,” Giordano adds. “It was great. Winning the car was unbelievable.”

“John’s store is recognized as a major player in the auto parts market in this region,” says NAPA Filters District Sales Manager Pat Traynor. “They have a reputation for going out of their way to serve customers and get them what they need, when they need it. They’re a great partner and have been a strong NAPA store for than 30 years.”

“My father was always in the parts business and I’ve followed the same path,” Giordano adds. “I worked here through high school and college and enjoy the people and relationships we’ve built. It’s a competitive business, but we’ve been successful because of our service orientation and the expertise we offer people.”

According to Kortman, stores applauded the MOTORvation challenge as one that “gave them a strong year-end incentive to boost their filter sales in new ways and also participate in a chance-of-a-lifetime driving event.”



“We’re happy with the outcome for our store partners,” Kortman says. “It was just the kind of unique, win-win motivation we like to focus attention on filters and what improved sales can do for a store.”

The National Automotive Parts Association was founded more than 80 years ago to meet America’s growing need for an effective auto parts distribution system. NAPA has been the industry leader ever since and an invaluable partner in the flow of parts from manufacturers to NAPA AUTO PARTS Stores.

Started in 1966, NAPA Filters was the first branded product under the NAPA name. NAPA sells the largest volume of light duty and heavy duty filters offered in the automotive aftermarket, servicing both domestic and import vehicles sold in the U.S.

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