reinventing itself

Jan. 1, 2020
Cory Cooper, owner of, is helping owners keep problem customers out.
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Motor Age: Can you explain how works?

Cooper: Customers that have written bad checks, had fraudulent chargebacks, had theft of parts and labor or any act that causes a loss are listed. The site also allows the shop owner or manager to list former employees that have issues not desirable to the employer.

Motor Age: How is joining this free site a boost for today's shop owners?

Cooper: Basically it prevents the loss before it happens or collects the losses after they happen. It decreases losses, increases profits; it's that simple. If every shop in one city would join, the scam artists would be exposed and be refused or forced to prepay or whatever the shop deems appropriate for their prior acts listed on The customers have the Better Business Bureau, Rip Off Report and many other sites.

Motor Age: What kinds of feedback have you gotten from shop owners?

Cooper: Lets face it, if you are a shop owner and deal with the general public, you will be taken. Some shop owners consider it a part of doing business. I never did; I will tell you why. When you are honest and someone calls you a liar, how do you feel? I always put honesty and integrity into every job. Yet, I still had people steal from me. Parts I paid for, time that I spent, taken away from an untrusting person legally! Members are grateful, I have received several e-mails stating things like, "I have a whole list of people to add" or "What laws protect us? None!" Members need it, and non members need it, too!

Motor Age: As the site has grown and changed, how do you make sure you're keeping only legitimate complaints?

Cooper: I read every complaint. I can tell you they all seem legitimate. However, I have removed two entries over the years. All of these entries are always about money being taken away from the shop owner. I don't believe a shop owner would try to deceive another shop owner — what would the motive be? Then again, I cannot vouch for a shop's honesty or integrity unless I know them personally. There is good and bad in all things, especially people.

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