Professionals' Choice Auto Parts Warehouse Distributors announce Scratch & Win grand prize winner

Jan. 1, 2020
This year's grand prize winner of the Professionals? Choice Scratch & Win $10,000 Promotion is Hamid Esmailion, owner of Hank The Mechanic in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.
This year's grand prize winner of the Professionals’ Choice Scratch & Win $10,000 Promotion is Hamid Esmailion, owner of Hank The Mechanic in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Hamid received the entry scratch ticket from APM Limited, who is a Bestbuy Distributors, Ltd. member, who in turn is a member of Automotive Parts Associates. Hank the Mechanic, originally Auto Esmailion, has been quite a success story, starting out renting one bay from a lube center to now an independent 7-bay shop with a lovely new office.

“Sometimes you have to encourage the customers to complete the ballots and turn them in, because if you don’t enter, you can’t win!” encouraged Troy Kingston, salesman with APM Limited. “Hamid and Jill were shocked and extremely excited to win the big prize!”

APA’s WD shareholders conducted the Scratch & Win Sweepstakes at over 250 locations across the United States and Canada from October through December. Each time a product was purchased from one of the sponsoring manufacturers, the installer received a scratch ticket. Thousands of dollars in instant winning gift cards were distributed and several thousand completed scratch cards were returned for the $10,000 drawing.

We would very much like to thank our sponsors who make this sweepstakes possible.” Said Dan Freeman, President & CEO of Automotive Parts Associates, Inc.

Sponsors of this sweepstakes were Airtex Fuel Systems, ASC Water Pumps, Beck Arnley, Bendix, Bosch, Denso, Dorman, Exide Battery, Moog Chassis, Wagner Brake, Autolite, FRAM, Prestone, KYB Shocks & Struts, Mann Filter, Permatex, Remy Rotating Electrical and SKF.

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