Atlantic Tube & Steel introduces new web-based inventory tool

Jan. 1, 2020
Atlantic Tube & Steel has introduced a new web-based enhancement to its web site designed exclusively for its customers.
Atlantic Tube & Steel has introduced a new web-based enhancement to its web site designed exclusively for its customers.

Named the Customer Inventory Portal (CIP), the new interactive tool allows users to monitor the status of a job in the production process, track remaining product quantities in inventory, shop for other available stock in the Atlantic warehouse and more.

“Our new system was designed from the ground up with our customers’ specific needs in mind”, comments Frank Cancelli, the company’s President. “Development and testing took about six months and the result is a highly useful tool that gives our customers enhanced information and more control over their orders, ultimately giving them better control over their own business decisions.”

After entering a password-protected area at the Atlantic website, customers can use the CIP to view orders - in real time - summarized by customer purchase order or by product. They can review details of an open order, view an order on the floor ready for shipment or see the full production schedule. The CIP also allows customers to conduct a specific search of stock material on hand at the Atlantic warehouse. The search will sort by size and gauge, provide available quantities, bundle sizes, product weight, thereby allowing customers increased efficiency in managing their releases.

A final feature is an area that carries general communications for customers – changes to normal business hours, scheduled shut down operations, etc. and in a specialized message area, Atlantic can advise individual customers of information that relates specifically to them.

“While the portal was designed as a tool for our customers, we’re using it as well,” comments Marvin Bavcevic, the company’s Controller. “By using the portal ourselves, we can view how the process works through a customer’s eyes, see what may or may not be working for them and make modifications to the system as we progress. That allows us to assist them if they encounter problems and help them become comfortable with the site. Once they’re accustomed to using the CIP, they have 24/7 access in real time to the status of their orders and inventory. Not only is that empowering, it means they have much more control in managing their businesses more efficiently.”

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