Father's Day EyesOn Design auto show fundraiser engineered to bring out the best cars

Jan. 1, 2020
Bridgestone Firestone's consumer original equipment tire division is among the sponsors of this Sunday's Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology EyesOn Design Automotive Design Show.
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Bridgestone Firestone’s consumer original equipment tire division is among the sponsors of this Sunday’s Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology EyesOn Design Automotive Design Show.

The Father’s Day fundraising event is on the grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. The Motor City institution, commonly called the DIO, will receive donations toward its programs for research, education and support for the blind and visually impaired.

The show is recognized as one of the largest and most complete vehicle displays assembled each year, attracting automotive designers, decision-makers and consumers from around the world. Historically the exhibit has showcased more than 200 vehicles, including Indy 500 speedsters, stock cars, Formula One racers and hot rods.

“That we’re able to enjoy the striking lines and elegant contours of the world’s finest automobiles is a privilege we take for granted,” says Michael Martini, the division’s president. “The DIO is a remarkable organization that makes a difference in so many lives. We are proud champions of their cause.”

This marks the seventh consecutive year Bridgestone Firestone has been a sponsor of the fundraiser. And it’s the first of a new five-year commitment during which the firm will increase its support and corporate presence.

Company signage will be prominently displayed and branded lanyards will be worn by VIPs, volunteers and DIO staff members.

Five Bridgestone Awards will be presented. Crafted by distinguished American crystal designer Steven V. Correia, the trophies are crystal sculptures that capture the precision, clarity and reflectivity of the relationship between automotive design and the gift of sight. Judging is accomplished by automotive designers plus teams of active and retired designers from leading industry companies.

The honors consist of:

The Bridgestone Best of Show Award – Best example of design from among the more than 200 outstanding and diverse vehicles exhibited in the categories of design competition.

The Bridgestone Honorary Chairman’s Award – Presented by the honorary chair to the vehicle he or she chooses as the most outstanding in the show.

The Bridgestone Visionaries Award – “Seeing” the vehicles with their hands, a team of visually impaired or blind judges will select a vehicle based on their “hands-on” perception of the most interesting sculptural shape from among vehicles in a specifically designated category.

The Bridgestone Preserving the Vision Award – Presented to a museum, business or individual collector who by acquiring, restoring and preserving vehicles is conserving for future generations significant examples of classic automotive design.

The Bridgestone Eye of the Artist Award – Earned by one of the participating artists.

For more information, visit www.eyesondesigncarshow.com.

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