Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products celebrates 60 years of innovation

Jan. 1, 2020
Alcoa Aluminum pioneered the manufacture of forged aluminum wheels in 1948. This year it celebrates 60 years in the business by reflecting on its history of innovation and their future products and services. And it is introducing its Retro Wheel for
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Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products, a Cleveland, Ohio-based business unit of Alcoa Inc. is gearing up to kick off its 60th anniversary, a year-long celebration of wheel innovation.

To commemorate its 60th anniversary, Alcoa is introducing its Retro Wheel for the commercial vehicle aftermarket. This wheel has the classic look reminiscent of the original forged aluminum wheel but with all the modern technology developed through the years behind it.

Since inventing the forged aluminum wheel in 1948, Alcoa has led the way in innovation, growth, technology and sustainability. With the introduction of Dura-Bright® XBR™, Dura-Flange® and the 14-inch Wide Base Wheel, Alcoa offers more choices to customers to satisfy their needs.

The Dura-Bright® surface treatment is one of the most significant new features to be introduced on forged aluminum wheels in more than 20 years. This patented surface treatment will not chip, crack or peel and prevents filiform corrosion and discoloring, even with exposure to oxygen, humidity, moisture and road deicing compounds, according to the compnay.

Alcoa Dura-Flange® treatment reduces and protects against excessive rim flange wear and is well suited for off-road and heavy hauling vehicles. Both of these innovations quantifiably reduce maintenance costs and truck downtime. The 14-inch Wide Base wheels replace dual wheel assemblies in combination with wide base tires that reduce rolling resistance and help big-rigs deliver 3 percent to 7 percent in fuel savings.

In addition to manufacturing aluminum wheels for commercial trucks, buses, motor homes, light trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, trailers and motorcycles, Alcoa also produces a full line of wheel accessories, and provides just-in-time assembly services to original equipment manufacturers.

Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products provides wheel solutions that meet customer demands through the Alcoa Business System (ABS) which is founded on an environment that connects product development, engineering, manufacturing and sales and marketing to consistently provide the latest in wheel innovation solutions to meet marketplace needs. The business unit also works closely with the Alcoa Technical Center, the largest light metals laboratory in the world, to develop many product technologies and innovations seen in its products today.

With global demand for forged aluminum wheels accelerating, the business unit continues growing in North America while expanding further into Europe, Latin America, Australia and Japan. Recent investments in manufacturing facilities in Cleveland, Ohio; Lebanon, Virginia; Barberton, Ohio; Monterrey, Mexico and Kofem, Hungary allow Alcoa to provide the latest in wheel production technology.

Over its 60-year history, Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products has strived for excellence and pursued corporate sustainability. Voted one of the Most Sustainable Corporations at the World Economic Forum five years in a row (2004-2008), Alcoa is committed to reducing fuel consumption and thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. "With our commitment to our customers and our investment in our workers, we've set a vision for the future with global environmental responsibility being one of our on-going goals," says Kevin Kramer, president of Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products.

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