Three-C Body Shops Named ‘Smart 50’ Business

Nov. 12, 2015

Nov. 12, 2015—Bob Juniper, owner, CEO and president of Three-C Body Shops in Ohio, was selected as one of the top 25 recipients of Smart Business Magazine’s annual Smart 50 Awards.

“While I may have been selected for the actual award, it wouldn’t have been possible without Three-C’s incredible staff to bring my dreams and ambitions to reality,” said Juniper. “Over the years we have received many accolades from various organizations in recognition of our  successes, but we’re nowhere near finished. I’ve got more things in the works such as the Pink Button App we recently unveiled which has already shown significant success. We’re making it available to other quality repairers who can see and anticipate what the future has in store in our industry. ‘Word of Mouth’ used to be the reliable marketing method of the past, it worked for my father for many years, however, with third parties influencing the consumer’s choice in repairer, one’s reputation, while no doubt remains important, it’s no longer what will earn and keep customers in your shop. As Barrett Smith of ADE says, ‘Today’s truly independent repairers need to think outside the box in the operation of their company and in the way in which they market and brand their business within and around their market areas.’ We’re looking forward to furthering our impact within our community and within Three-C Body Shops.”

The award winners were honored at a celebration, which included a formal dinner, where all 50 winners received their awards.

To be eligible, nominees must lead organizations that are headquartered in the Columbus, Ohio, region. The Smart 50 Awards recognize the top executives of the selected 50 companies in their region for their ability to build and lead successful organizations.