FP Series Manual Plasma Cutting Machines

June 2, 2020

The Firepower FP Series Manual Plasma Cutting Machines feature an advanced LCD interface that simplifies set-up and operation. Operators are able to make all adjustments with just one knob. The FP-25i offers the convenience of connecting to standard 115V household current, produces a rated cut on 5/16" steel, and has a 25 percent duty cycle rating at 25A. The FP-35i and 45i connect to 230V current to deliver more cutting capacity and 35 percent duty cycle at 35A and 45A outputs, respectively. The FP-35i offers a rated cut on 1/2" steel, while the FP-45i delivers a rated cut on 5/8" steel. The series offers two trigger control modes and two cutting modes. They come with a 60A torch and 15' cable.