Nitro-Weld Plastic Welder, No. UNI-8100

June 11, 2020
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The H&S Autoshot Nitro-Weld Plastic Welder, No. UNI-8100, is designed to be an all-in-one solution for plastic repair needs in the shop with hot staple, hot iron, and plastic welding capabilities equipped. The system features a built-in air compressor and contaminate-free nitrogen hot iron/staple capabilities when reflowing or stapling, making it ideal for professionals. The built-in compressor eliminates hoses and noisy shop bleed air while allowing the system to be completely portable. It runs on 115V and includes nitrogen welder with both welding and hot staple/reflow torches, professional cart with cylinder support, starter plastic and staple consumable kit, hand seamer, hot melt blades, aluminum tape, dual gauge regulator with hose, 80CF nitrogen cylinder, and operator manual.