In Focus: Killer Tools Regulator Activator

June 4, 2012
For body shops when completing vehicle window repairs

Killer Tools introduces the Regulator Activator, No. ART13, providing technicians with complete control of window regulator without jumper leads. This tool reverses the polarity with the rocker switch and activiates other 12V systems. The headlight helps illuminate dark areas. This set comes complete with probes, crocodile clips and wire piercing clips. Designed and built in the USA.

Features and benefits 

With one hand, the user can operate a window regulator motor, controlling the windows up and down movement, while keeping the other hand free to make sure there are no obstructions in the window track.


This idea came from me watching collision technicians inserting hot wires from a 12V jumper box to the window regulator motor to test the repair job they had completed. The technicians had to make the affected window go up and down, and therefore needed to bring power to the regulator motor. The car is not the ground in this situation, so a Power Probe tool will not work properly, as the technicians need to change the motor polarity at will. Plus the technician needs to make the window go up and down, all the while keeping one hand free to make sure that there are no obstructions as the window travels up and down in its track.

This tool will make the task of testing this kind of repair job easy, without risking damage to other components.


The RA was designed, built and tested in the USA. It operates off a 12V power source with a 10-amp resettable thermal fuse to protect other electrical components.

Selling points

The end user will find that by using a professional tool designed for this particular job, his testing will be quicker and more effective while protecting other components that are impacted when hot wires are inserted into a somewhat blind environment.

  • Complete control of window regulator without jumper leads.
  • One-handed operation for powering changing polarity of regulator motor.
  • Will activate other 12V systems (Car fans, etc.).
  • Kit comes complete with probes, crocodile clips and wire piercing clips.
  • Headlight illuminates dark areas. 

Suggested retail price


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