Tool Review: Milwaukee Tool Line of Long Cut Snips

July 16, 2015
The reviewers took note of the tools' sharp edges and ease of use.

The Milwaukee Tool Line of Long Cut Snips includes the Long Cut Straight Snips (No. 48-22-4037) and Long Cut Offset Snips (No. 48-22-4038) for technicians who need to make long, straight cuts through sheet metal. The Long Cut Straight Snips provide 3” cut length through 20-gauge cold-rolled steel, while the Long Cut Offset Snips slice through at a 2.5” cut length. The Long Cut Offset snips feature a 45-degree angle, which keeps the user’s hands above the cutting material for added protection and control. All Milwaukee Snips are made with forged metal heads and hard chrome plating for maximum rust protection, tool strength and durability. These snips come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The review

Both Pete Smet and Eric Moore appreciated the sharp edges and enjoyed the ease of use when using the Milwaukee Tool Long Cut Straight Snips and Long Cut Offset Snips, respectively.

Smet, a technician at Le Mieux & Son Toyota in Green Bay, Wis., used the Milwaukee Long Cut Straight Snips numerous times to cut off stainless steel exhaust heatshields on trucks.

“The tool is very sharp, so minimal effort was needed to cut stainless steel,” he explains.            

Moore, co-owner of DeMary Truck in Columbus, Ohio, says the Milwaukee Long Cut Offset Snips were simple to use – “almost like scissors.”

“Nothing saves time more than a sharp pair of snips, or a sharp drill bit. Cutting is smoother, faster and easier,” Moore says. “The Milwaukee Tool Long Cut Offset Snips were very easy to use.”

Neither tool needs setup nor requires an instruction manual.

The Straight Snips proved to be very versatile for Smet.  “I was able to use this one tool instead of three or four others,” he says.

Smet had used previous versions of this tool, but says there is no comparing older tools to this model. “This tool was much easier to use,” he says, while also complimenting the soft grip. “I like that I could lock or unlock the tool with my thumb.”

Moore used the Offset Snips for numerous sheet metal spot repairs on van bodies.

“Being a medium duty truck shop, we certainly see more than our share of incidents that pierce the side of the body,” Moore explains. “These snips made it easier for everyone, except our lefties, to cut patches for spot repairs.”

Moore says the longer jaws were a nice improvement over other types of snips, and he likes the offset as well.

“The offset keeps your hands away from the work piece,” he says, adding he still recommends gloves when working with sheet metals. “The longer cutting jaws mean less cuts to get through your work.”

Like any pair of snips, Moore says, “the Milwaukee Tool Long Cut Offset Snips did bind in certain orientations, and would not do small circle cuts real smooth – I’m sure mostly because of the jaw length.”

Moore suggests one minor improvement in the form of a better positive lock for the jaws when storing the snips. “They tended to spring open easily when trying to put them in your pocket or when placed in a drawer,” he says.

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