Tool Review: Milwaukee Tool M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander

Sept. 15, 2015
The reviewer says the quality, craftsmanship and brand contribute to the overall success of the tool.

The Milwaukee Tool M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander features dual mode control and a variable speed trigger for increased user control. A tool-free accessory change allows the user to quickly change between polishing and sanding accessories. On just one battery charge, the M12 Polisher/Sander can perform a full pass on exterior trim, and it is compatible with the entire M12 system. The polisher/sander weighs 1.9 lbs. with a length of 5-1/8", and it comes with a 5-pc accessory pack, one compact M12 Redlithium battery and one XC M12 Redlithium battery and charger.

The Review

“I personally loved (it),” Eric Moore, owner of DeMary Truck in Columbus, Ohio, says about the Milwaukee Tool M12 Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander.

“I used it for so many things I would normally use an air angle grinder, or cut-off tool, for.” Moore liked that there was no need to untangle an air hose, or oil up a tool. “It was very easy to maneuver around to get all the terminals, cable ends and connections cleaned without contorting around an air hose.”

Before use, Moore says the Milwaukee Tool M12 Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander required a full battery charge. Once the battery was charged, he only needed to select the task and install the proper collet adapter.

“The variable trigger speed made the Milwaukee Tool M12 Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander super easy to use for lots of little jobs,” Moore says.

The Milwaukee Tool M12 Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander Kit came in a soft-sided storage case, with a sewn on handle. Two collets, one Velcro adapter base, two polishing buffs, one lightweight battery, one extended use battery and a charger were included in the kit.

Moore also adds that the kit offered a manual. He says, “I glanced at a few pages for specifications like unloaded rpm, and torque if it was listed, I didn’t really find that. It didn’t change how I used the tool one bit though.”

Moore used the M12 Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander “as intended,” he says. “Our detailer used it to freshen up a trade-in vehicle.  It worked very well, the variable trigger made the wheel speed easy to control so that compound wasn’t flung all over.” But because the pad is 3” in diameter, he says, “It did take a little while longer to complete the whole vehicle.”

Moore says that because the tool uses a collet for the quick-change pads, several of the technicians used the tool with cleaning disks and cut-off wheels.

“One tech used a cut-off wheel with it, and while it did take considerably longer to complete the task, the battery held out, and it could definitely be used outside of the shop,” he says, calling attention to the battery life and cordless features of the tool.

He adds, “The trigger was really nice, smooth with an easy touch, and plenty of torque when held wide open.”

Moore has not used a previous version of this tool, but says with a quick-change chuck, this could become a go-to for teardown and reassembly. “If the  Milwaukee Tool M12 Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander had a quick change chuck for the accessories, or the ability to put the quick change 1/4” head on, it could almost be perfect.”

He says the Milwaukee Tool M12 Cordless Variable Speed Polisher/Sander “is definitely a solid piece, from a well-known vendor, and their quality, and craftsmanship show in the presence, and utility of the tool.” He adds, “Quick charging time for the batteries, and adaptability for several uses not outlined by the vendor, led us to this rating."

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