Tool Review: Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter

Sept. 15, 2015
The reviewer recognized the Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter was up for any job in which he put it to use.

Produced out of durable steel with a high-quality polished chrome finish, the Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter can be used for the quick and easy removal of plastic fasteners, upholstery, door panels and plastic clips. With its ergonomic design and the rubberized non-slip grip it fits comfortably in any user’s hand and won’t slip off, according to the company. Its dimensions are 6.8” long by 0.59” wide.

The review

After taking the time to test the Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter at his Columbus, Ohio-based shop, Eric Moore, owner of DeMary Truck, was impressed by both the tool’s feel in his hand and its ease of use.

Moore employed the tool on a number of jobs and repairs, including the removal of door panels and interior pieces held fast by either plastic push-style clips or press-to-fit fasteners. As he tested the Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter, Moore couldn’t help but compare it to the molded plastic removal tools he usually relies on for that type of work.

“It is different from the other clip removal tools in my arsenal due to its construction,” he says. “It is one solid piece of steel, not a shaped insert with a plastic handle, or molded plastic.”

In addition, Moore immediately recognized the Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter was up for any job in which he put it to use.

“It did allow for a little more vigorous action than the molded plastic removal tools I usually go to,” says Moore. “Where the plastic tools would bend or weaken, this tool did not give.”

Despite his praise for the Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter, Moore notes that the tool’s opening could be a bit wider to accommodate some of the larger styles of clips found on certain vehicles.**

“It tended to break those fasteners, instead of removing them in one piece,” he says, adding that the Mueller-Kueps Clip Lifter did eventually remove all of them one way or another. “Also, I can see where a slightly longer handle and maybe a 3-degree to 5-degree bend would allow for a little extra leverage on stubborn clips, and for applications such as bumper covers and exterior trim removal.”

All in all, though, Moore thinks quite highly of the tool.  

“I really liked the Mueller-Kueps Clip lifter,” says Moore. “To be fair, while not a brand-new design for a removal tool, it was and continues to be very useful.”

**Mueller-Kueps is aware of this feedback. The company is currently developing four new versions of the Clip Lifter that will address this comment. The tools will be ready in November.

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