Top 10 Tools: John Lemberger, Paul's Certified Auto Repair

Dec. 15, 2017
Based in Sussex, WI, this shop owner uses his 26 years of automotive industry experience to serve his customers.

Shop Owner: John Lemberger

Shop: Paul's Certified Auto Repair, LLC

Location: Sussex, WI

John Lemberger has worked in the automotive industry for 26 years. He is ASE certified in Engine Performance, Engine Repair, Brakes and Steering & Suspension. Lemberger says his shop does a little of everything except rebuilding transmissions and bodywork. When he’s not working in the shop, he enjoys watching NASCAR, college and NFL football, as well as camping and touring micro-breweries in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. 

1. Snap-on Verdict Diagnostic System

This diagnostic system uses a wireless scanner, wireless scope and touchscreen display to allow technicians to hook up to the vehicle in multiple places and simultaneously view live data and meter readings. "I use this tool every day for various repairs," Lemberger says. "It is easy to use and easy to navigate."

2. Mitchell 1 Manager SE

"I worked at our shop for 25 years and hand wrote multiple repair orders," Lemberger says. "When I took our shop over, the first major change I made was to this shop program, and it has made my life and my office administrator's life a whole lot easier. [This program] saves a lot of time and got us more organized."

3. Samsung Tablets

Although Samsung does not market specifically to the automotive industry, Lemberger uses Samsung tablets daily in his shop. "My techs each have one," he says. "It saves them time looking up specs and diagrams. They can do it right at the car they are working on."

4. Identifix Direct-Hit Online

This subscription-based online resource offers vehicle diagnostics, factory scheduled maintenance plans and OEM service repair and information. Lemberger says he has used the site for about 10 years, and finds that it makes it easy to diagnose vehicles and offers simple and direct procedures.

5. Mitchell 1 ProDemand

This repair information service offers OEM repair information and experience-based knowledge from SureTrack. "I just started using this at the beginning of the year, and the more I use it, the more I like it. It is right up there with the Identifix site."

6. OTC Encore

The OTC Encore offers an AutoDectect System that searches several on-tool and internet databases to provide the most likely fix based on more than 30 million vehicle-specific and experience-based fixes. Lemberger says he used to use Snap-on scanners before he was shown this tool.

"It boots up fast, and I really like the way this tool breaks everything down into the separate tests and separates the data stream into groups that are relative to each other. This tool was pretty inexpensive for what it can do."

7. Blue-Point Digital Compact Auto Ranging Multimeter

The multimeter offers both automatic and manual ranging, and features a large, easy-to-read LCD display with low battery indication. Lemberger says it is a straightforward tool, and that there will always be a need for it.

8. Motorvac Cool Smoke EVAP Leak Detection System

The Motorvac Cool Smoke produces a high-density smoke with no warm-up time required, and does not require the use of nitrogen or other inert gases. Lemberger uses an older version of this tool, and finds that it is simple to use and makes finding leaks a lot easier.

9. Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite Alignment System

Lemberger uses an older version of this system, the WA140. He says, "When we purchased this machine, we were farming out around 80 alignments a year. The first year we had it, we tripled our alignment count. This piece of equipment has been very reliable, accurate and easy to use."

10. Victor Contender Welding Equipment

The Contender offers gauge guards, built-in check valves and built-in flashback arrestors. "Living in Wisconsin and working on older rusty cars, you always need a good torch set," Lemberger says.

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