PPG offers special airbrushing class with Shannon MacDonald

April 10, 2018
PPG has teamed up with celebrated airbrush artist Shannon MacDonald for what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspiring airbrush artists.
PPG has teamed up with celebrated airbrush artist Shannon MacDonald for what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspiring airbrush artists. On July 17–18, at the PPG Business Development Center in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, Shannon MacDonald will lead a high-energy, two-day advanced airbrushing class in which she will share her airbrushing techniques and demonstrate the many advantages of using ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat for airbrush work.

Shannon is well known for her energetic and hyperrealistic art. Her paintings hang at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Liverpool’s Hard Day’s Night Hotel. She’s been honored with the formal title “The “World’s Greatest Beatles Artist” by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and touted on numerous television shows including Good Morning America and Oprah. Her work adorns guitars, drums, motorcycles, boats and cars, and she’s renowned for her canvases, posters and illustrations that portray celebrities from the worlds of sports and entertainment. Her work can also be seen at the PPG booth at the annual SEMA Show.
This fast-paced class will give airbrush artists the chance to take their talents to a new and dynamic level as they learn Shannon’s techniques for:

  • Creating warm and cool color effects;
  • Understanding how colors react to and complement each other;
  • Color matching and creating color combinations;
  • Color mixing;
  • Properly using the electric eraser to add highlights and textures;
  • Employing an X-ACTO knife for fine hair textures, thin cracks and ultra-fine details;
  • Painting an ultra-detailed piece of art with just 12 colors;
  • Using Envirobase High Performance basecoat’s features to get the effects you want.

“This is a very exciting opportunity that serious airbrush artists should not ignore,” said Steve Lehner, PPG zone manager, BDC services. “Shannon is one of the best. Her work is internationally known. She understands the industry, and she has so much to teach up-and-comers. It will be a genuinely rewarding experience for anyone who attends.”
Airbrush artists who are serious about developing their talent are encouraged to register for the class. Airbrush experience is required; students must have completed the PPG Basic Airbrushing course to participate.

Class Details
July 17–18, 2018
PPG Business Development Center
4325 Rosanna Dr., Allison Park, Pennsylvania 15101
Contact your PPG distributor or call the PPG Refinish Training Department at (800) 647-6050 and follow prompts to the training department.
Participants will paint on prepared metal PPG panels. Gravity feed airbrushes, electric erasers, waterborne tapes, special pencils, X-ACTO knives and PPE will be provided. Students may bring one or more of their own gravity feed airbrushes and other tools for faster color change.

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