The sky’s the limit when measuring with new Chief Meridian

March 1, 2018
Chief recently launched its new state-of-the-art computerized measuring system, Meridian, equipped with Live Mapping and a compact new Galileo multi-point laser scanner that provides real-time, full-picture measurements of collision-damaged vehicles.

After months of pilot tests in shops around the country, Chief recently launched its new state-of-the-art computerized measuring system, Meridian™, equipped with Live Mapping™ and a compact new Galileo™ multi-point laser scanner that provides real-time, full-picture measurements of collision-damaged vehicles.

ABRN paid a visit to Chief’s Madison, Ind., facility in February and got a sneak peak of the new system courtesy of Mike Croker, technical product manager based in St. Louis. Shops in Croker’s region have been working with Meridian since last fall. The feedback he’s received has been positive as shops find it easier to use and quicker than other systems. Croker says it’s particularly beneficial during the blueprinting process.

“I can measure on the floor, on a lift, on a rack. It’s much faster and more efficient to set up,” says Croker.

Chief’s Meridian Live Mapping system can measure up to 45 individual points on a vehicle at the same time, in real time, even while pulling or replacing parts. This gives technicians the ability to watch dimensional changes being made to the vehicle during the repair process without having to start and stop multiple times. Watch the Meridian in action here:

The Galileo scanner utilizes high-powered laser technology which helps increase measurement length up to five meters. The geospatial control system makes necessary adjustments to provide precise measurements no matter what direction the scanner is tilted. This out-of-level measuring technology makes the scanner very portable. The scanner also features a single-hub design that delivers a 360-degree field of view with improved line of sight.

Croker says the improved line of sight is one benefit he hears often from shops in his region. They report that the smaller scanner design and improved triangulation between the scanner and targets, practically eliminates blockage of the targets. The end result is a system that makes it easier and quicker to obtain proper measurements, he says.

The scanner features dual processors for fast real-time data processing, high-tech optical components for accurate readings under any lighting conditions, and a built-in calibration check. This lets technicians confirm for themselves that the scanner is properly calibrated at any time.

Lee Daugherty, Chief director of collision sales – the Americas, says, with real-time measuring, you can quickly identify alignment issues, as well as monitor the whole vehicle when adjusting the frame to see how one pull might affect other points and easily course-correct.

“Every body shop should perform three-dimensional measuring on every vehicle it services, because it’s not always obvious where collision damage occurred,” says Daugherty. “We’ve put full control and peace of mind in the hands of the shop with this new measuring system. From the step-by-step guided tutorials about where to hang which targets to the built-in scanner calibration verification process and the ability to print full-color reports of collision damage and final repair measurements, Meridian helps shops increase their estimating and repair accuracy and overall service quality.”

To learn more about the Chief Meridian Live Mapping system with Galileo scanner and see how it works, visit Additional information is also available from your local Chief distributor or by calling (800) 445-9262, and by following Chief on Twitter,, and Facebook,

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