Custom Upfits unveils new mobile paint booth at SEMA

Oct. 23, 2017
At the upcoming SEMA show (Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 in Las Vegas), Custom Upfits will showcase its new 30-foot mobile paint booth – dubbed The Game Changer – with live demonstrations on the show floor.

Taking your paint booth on the road isn’t exactly a practical consideration for most body shops. But car dealerships, fleet operators, and other large operations often rely on mobile paint booths to help process large volumes of paint jobs.

The Game Changer

However, most mobile paint booth products are pop-up, inflatable systems that can take a long time to set up and tear down. At the upcoming SEMA show (Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 in Las Vegas), Custom Upfits will showcase its new 30-foot mobile paint booth – dubbed The Game Changer – with live demonstrations on the show floor.

The Sacramento-based company already created a prototype mobile paint booth for a private customer, but has designed a brand new model for sale to other parts of the market.

“It’s a 30-foot trailer, and you can fit a whole car in it,” says Don Griffin, sales manager at Custom Upfits. “There are automatic awnings that can help you increase the work area. It takes less than five minutes to set up or tear down.”

The new cross-drafted unit includes NFPA 701-approved curtains and features a 98-percent capture filter as well as forced heating.  It also includes a compressor, fire suppression systems, a separate paint mixing area behind a partition, explosion-proof shop lighting, and safety signage. It can be towed behind a standard pick-up truck.

It also meets also EPA and state environmental requirements. “We actually surpass the EPA’s requirements,” Griffin says. “EPA requires five air changes an hour. This unit provides 150 air changes per hour.”

Wheel/Paint Repair Combo Transit Van 7x14 Mobile Wheel Repair Trailer

Griffin says the booth is targeted at large dealership groups or large auction houses that need to rapidly repaint large amounts of inventory. “They often don’t have room for a new building, so they can just roll this up on the lawn, open it up, and then park it somewhere when they don’t need it,” Griffin says.

At SEMA, Custom Upfits has partnered with PPG and New York-based West Herr Auto Group to demonstrate the new booth. West Herr paint technician Elliott Fanning will work in the booth several times during the event, painting a Ford Focus RS.

Custom Upfits will be in booth 61027 at SEMA. You can see more of the Game Changer in this video.

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