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Oct. 5, 2017
To assist our customers in elevating the performance of their repair facility, asTech™ now offers full service, end to end repair solutions that include remote diagnostic scanning and in-shop mobile electronic repair services.
With 2018 approaching fast, repair shop owners should already be looking forward to the New Year and planning how they can identify additional revenue streams, retain more repair work in-house, and expand current revenues to drive additional success. Reducing repair cycle times, eliminating unnecessary trips to the dealer, meeting more guaranteed completion dates, and lowering customer comebacks, can significantly elevate the performance of a repair facility. In turn, elevated performance will drive customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, attract new customers, and increase shop profits.
In order to assist our customers in elevating the performance of their repair facility, asTech™ now offers full service, end to end repair solutions that include remote diagnostic scanning and in-shop mobile electronic repair services. Our clients can now offer more on-site repair services with streamlined billing. Continue reading to find out more about the issues facing the repair industry in 2018, and how asTech™ can help you overcome them at your shop.Scanning grows in popularity, but issues remain With diagnostic scanning a hot topic across the industry, more repair shop owners and repair technicians are getting on board with performing pre and post scans in order to guarantee a complete repair. Repair facilities can no longer rely on illuminated malfunction indicator lights (MILs) to determine whether to scan a car. At last year’s SEMA show, the former collision repair diagnostic director for Honda, Chris Tobie, gave repair shop owners and technicians and idea of why malfunction indicator lights cannot be used as a substitute for diagnostic scanning.  Tobie shared the following data:
  • An entry level Honda, such as a 2017 Fit, can contain over 500 diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • A higher end model, such as a Pilot or Odyssey, can contain up to 1000 DTCs

Honda’s position statement currently requires a post repair scan for any repair that requires disconnection of electrical systems or replacement of major body sections. Other automakers, such as Fiat Chrysler, are already recognizing that small repairs can trigger DTCs. In their official position statement, Mopar states that DTCs can even occur as a result of an interior trim repair or glass replacement.

Repair facilities should choose a diagnostic and vehicle electronic repair process that includes OEM factory scan tools because it is the only way repairers can gain access the vehicle’s original “build” data.  AsTech™ uses only OEM factory scan tools/software. In addition, every asTech™ scan is performed by an ASE Certified Master Technician who has access to all of the OEM repair procedures.

Keeping your vehicle in the production lane at the shop is a key strategy
Implementing a proper diagnostic and vehicle electronic repair process improves repair planning, damage identification, and the parts ordering process. These improvements cut days off of your cycle time. If your 2018 plans include opening a fast lane, having the ability to perform pre and post scans remotely and on-site provided by asTech™ ensures that your facility is delivering the car to your customers in pre accident condition every time.  Shops utilizing asTech™ mobile repair services for issues that would normally cause a delay, include:

  • Lightning strike diagnostics
  • ADAS Calibrations
  • Aftermarket Back Up Sensors
  • HID Lights
  • Aftermarket Radio and TV
  • Lost Key Replacement
  • Pigtail and Wire Harness Replacement
  • Ozone/Flood Restoration
  • Steering Column Repair
  • Rodent damage to wiring
  • Airbag Installation
  • R and I Dash and Headliner Replacement
  • 1234 YF Service

Instead of sending a car offsite to a dealership to help with these items, asTech™ mobile services will come to you, keeping the vehicle in your facility. This reduces cycle time and allows the shop to meet more guaranteed delivery dates.  

Improving customer satisfaction by reducing return visits
One of the main customer complaints involves receiving their car after repairs, with inoperable vehicle features and systems. Inoperable systems are likely due to improperly diagnosing  and/or not recalibrating the vehicle’s electronic systems before returning the car to the customer.  Pre and Post scans by asTech™ help shops avoid this common customer complaint.

asTech™’s remote and in-shop mobile services prevent customer comebacks due to missed items or an incomplete repair analysis. Improving these two areas will generate significant improvement in customer service results.

With expanded services and solutions that come directly to you, asTech™ is poised to help every repair shop increase offerings and profits. To find out more about how asTech™ can help your shop run more efficiently, contact us today.

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