I-CAR adds adhesive bonding live demo training option in June

Jan. 1, 2020
In June, I-CAR® will introduce a new “Live Demo” component to its Adhesive Bonding (ADH01) course.
In June, I-CAR® will introduce a new “Live Demo” component to its Adhesive Bonding (ADH01) course. I-CAR announced that this will be the third course that has been introduced in the last year as part of the new Live Demo delivery format. Live Demo courses are designed to provide a more interactive training experience and support increased student engagement in the classroom, which leads to more effective and retained learning. The live demonstrations in ADH01 will provide students the opportunity to experience first hand how to properly prepare parts and use adhesive materials. David Wolf, I-CAR Instructional Designer explained, “The demonstrations in the course simulate adhesive bonding procedures using two-part adhesives and will present the steps for an adhesive that is applied to bare metal, as well as the steps for an adhesive that requires a primed mating surface.” Students will also gain knowledge on adhesive bonding materials, attachment processes, two-part adhesive bonding repairs, and one-part adhesive bonding repairs during the course. “Students can anticipate a thorough learning experience that touches on important aspects ranging from work and handling time to using adhesives for weld bonding and rivet bonding. This course will benefit a wide range of collision industry professionals, both new technicians and veterans alike,“ stated Wolf. The Live Demo format of ADH01 will premiere on June 24 and all ADH01 sessions after June 24 will be formatted as Live Demo classes. To learn more about ADH01, visit the course catalog under the “Training” tab at www.i-car.com and to locate a class near you, access the “Live Class Search” tool on the I-CAR homepage.

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