Sylvania launches aftermarket solid state lighting line of products

Jan. 1, 2020
SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting continues to deliver unique style and safety with its latest light-emitting diode (LED) accessories for today’s vehicle owners.

SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting continues to deliver unique style and safety with its latest light-emitting diode (LED) accessories for today’s vehicle owners.

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“As LED applications in automotive lighting continue to become more popular, we’re taking the technology to new levels and giving auto enthusiasts options that help them legally customize their vehicles,” said Joe Verbanic, marketing manager, SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting. “These high-impact products provide vehicle owners with flexible styling options inside and out, while delivering performance and safety benefits.”

The new line of LED products gives auto enthusiasts options to customize the interior and exterior look of their vehicles for the ultimate in safety and style. The SYLVANIA LED product line currently includes two daytime running light kits, two retrofit light sources for dome, map and license plate applications, and a wireless ambient light for interior applications – with additional products available in the near future.

The SYLVANIA LEDriving® Light Pipe daylight running and accent light kit gives any vehicle extra character by providing a modern, light-piped LED look while delivering street-legal OEM performance day and night. The 6200K crisp white LED provides a sleek style, and it automatically adjusts to day or night conditions with no extra controls or switches by sensing when the headlights are on. SYLVANIA LEDriving Light Pipe is fully sealed and certified to withstand years of weather and washing.

The SYLVANIA LEDriving Pixelated daylight running and accent light kit adds a splash of LED to a vehicle’s exterior with five high-performance OSRAM LEDs in a classic pixelated look. With a color temperature of 5200K, it fits easily in the fascia of most cars. Like the SYLVANIA LEDriving Light Pipe, it adjusts automatically and senses when headlights are on. The kit is IP67 certified, so vehicle owners don’t have to worry about water damage caused by rain or washing.

The SYLVANIA Wireless Ambient Light is a safe and stylish way to amp up a vehicle’s interior. With easy installation and five color choices, personalization is easy. The lights turn on automatically, have four dimming levels, and can be set to leave few dark spots inside the car. Owners can control all modules with a remote control.

The SYLVANIA LED lineup will continue to grow in the coming months. A road flare with multiple LEDs and functions will provide consumers with additional safety and peace of mind in the event of an emergency. In addition, the MosaicTM Flexible LED light for automotive applications will be introduced, providing a fun, flexible and versatile lighting solution for vehicle interiors.

For more information on the variety of interior and exterior lighting solutions available from SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting, visit or

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