Gabriel enhances its website with new videos

Jan. 1, 2020
The Original Gabriel® (Ride Control, LLC) has added a number of new videos to its website.

The Original Gabriel® (Ride Control, LLC) has added a number of new videos to its website.

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“We are constantly working to add relevant and helpful content to our website to assist the professional installer and to provide the end consumer with valuable information,” said Christine Fisher, Gabriel marketing and communication manager.

“How Worn Shocks & Struts Affect Stopping Distance” helps installers sell the ride control job. It graphically demonstrates the role that shocks and struts play in a vehicle’s ability to stop safely by depicting how much worn shocks can extend stopping distance. This video can be found in the Answerman section of It joins existing videos informing professionals and consumers how to choose the right shocks or strut for their cars, how a fully loaded strut assembly saves time and money, and why Gabriel’s ReadyMount® is the right choice when choosing a complete strut assembly.

In addition, Gabriel has also introduced a new series of brief Answerman video tips to help installers and DIYers with common issues. This new section of the website, called “Tips from the Answerman,” will focus on more common ride control installation issues and troubleshooting.

Recently added videos include:
• Time saving tips for reinstallation of existing parts when undertaking a strut replacement
• A quick tutorial on how to prime a shock or strut (Gabriel shocks and struts are self-priming when installed on a vehicle, but customers may not be aware of this)
• How to tell the difference between a leaking shock or strut vs. one showing normal wear

More quick-tip videos from the Answerman Garage will be coming soon and added to the website over time.

“We are fortunate to have some of the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry who share their expertise with professional installers and consumers everyday on our Answerman techline,” said Lisa Bahash, president and CEO of Gabriel. “These individuals are the very same technicians that fit-test, ride-test and validate every new Gabriel design, so they know the issues installers and DIYers can encounter.

In addition to the videos, a list of the most frequently asked questions can be found in the Answerman section of the Gabriel website. And the Gabriel Answerman technicians themselves are available to answer more detailed questions regarding applications and unique installation issues Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST at the Answerman dedicated tech line, 1-800-999-3903.

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