New OTC Genisys Touch diagnostic system debuts at AAPEX

Jan. 1, 2020
OTC announced at AAPEX a new standard of diagnostic innovation with the launch of the professional OEM-grade Genisys Touch.

OTC, a division of Service Solutions, LLC, announced at AAPEX a new standard of diagnostic innovation with the launch of the professional OEM-grade Genisys Touch—the first-ever PC-based tablet diagnostic tool with an included J2534 Reflash / Reprogramming device. 

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Like an experienced technician searching behind the scenes, the exclusive AutoDetect™ feature finds repair information by Code, Symptom, Pattern Failure, or any way technicians like — even by surfing the Internet from the fender. Technicians can view relevant embedded test procedure training videos during live diagnostic sessions without interrupting workflow.

The new Genisys Touch is a leading-edge Windows 7 diagnostic platform with a large resistive 10.1” touch screen. It includes advanced and exclusive features such as VIN-based AutoID™ to detect CAN vehicles in one touch, Wi-Fi and web browser access, including directly to technicians’ favorite OEM subscription sites, and Bluetooth® pairing to an included J2534 vehicle communication device, as well as OTC’s optional wireless TPMS reset tool and PC-Based 2-Channel Oscilloscope.

AutoDetect™ is an exclusive feature of Genisys Touch. It is a uniquely designed experience-based information solution aimed at providing the technician with instant repair information solutions on the spot. The system will automatically detect and alert the technician if there are any on-tool or internet repair solutions available for the specific year, make, and model based on trouble code or symptom.

With one touch, a technician can call up repair information assets, eliminating the need to search elsewhere, thus significantly saving time in the diagnostic process. Equipped with Code-Assist®’s more than six-million experienced based confirmed fixes for vehicles, along with Repair-Trac™ and the new Symptom Assist™, technicians can easily obtain specific OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Code solutions, which further increase technician productivity by prioritizing the most efficient diagnostic strategies.

Genisys Touch further streamlines automotive testing with the exclusive and innovative Embedded Video Training feature - advanced technology that provides the technician access to brief on-tool training videos ranging in topics from tool operation to scan and scope component and system test functions. The information provided offers critical test procedures during a diagnostic session with the training snippet viewed in an inset window so the diagnostic process flow is never interrupted. The exclusive Embedded Training feature is like having an in-shop expert available on-call at all times.

“Today’s automotive aftermarket technicians have dramatically shifted how they operate in-shop with the adoption and utilization of advanced diagnostic tools and technology which are now an integral part of the conduct of daily business,” said Ed Lipscomb, OTC Senior Product Manager of Diagnostic Systems. “By implementing state-of-the-art enhancements into our trusted brand of diagnostic tools, specifically with the launch of the Genisys Touch, technicians can fully optimize their diagnostic strategy without compromising power, process integration or performance.”

Free from conventional OBD connectors and cable tether, the technician can now access hard-to-reach computer controlled components and move freely while scanning the vehicle from a long-range Class-1 Bluetooth pairing.

The new Genisys Touch includes a J2534-1/J2534-2/Euro 5 compliant VCI for wireless vehicle communication to the tablet.  The J2534 compliant VCI is also used to reprogram vehicle controllers as an additional diagnostic solution. Technicians essentially now have two tools in one, eliminating the need to purchase a separate J2534 Reflash tool.

Additional key features of the new Genisys Touch Screen include:
• Wireless communications via Bluetooth to the optional tire pressure reset tool (TPR 3834) that completes the scan tool sensor registration process - an essential diagnostic service for tire replacement, tire rotation and when a TPMS sensor is malfunctioning. 

• Maintenance Test selection provides routine maintenance reset tests such as replacing brake system components, performing wheel alignments, TPMS sensor registration, battery and oil light reset.

•AutoID® which functions on CAN vehicles 2005 and newer and partial coverage for vehicles 2004-1996 that support OBD II Mode 9 VIN. 

• Only 50-second boot time from a full start and a 10.1” resistive touch screen display accessible by hand, glove, or stylus and is durable for any shop environment.   

• Access the Identifix® Direct-Hit® online repair site while inside a live diagnostic session. Non-subscribers receive a free 60-day trial with purchase of the Genisys Touch.

For more information on the new Genisys Touch, please call (800) 533-6137 or visit

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