ASA studies State Farm's online parts ordering process

Jan. 1, 2020
The ASA is taking a measured approach to State Farm’s plan to use the PartsTrader LLC parts ordering tool in repair facilities participating in the State Farm Select Service direct repair program.

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is taking a measured approach to State Farm’s plan to use the PartsTrader LLC parts ordering tool in collision repair facilities participating in the State Farm Select Service direct repair program.

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ASA said following its best practices in developments, it is approaching the situation with an emphasis on gathering information, and is currently conducting a multi-segmented, fact-finding mission to ensure the information collected and provided to the ASA membership and the broader industry is as accurate and thorough as possible.

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers and others have been critical of State Farm’s new program that is underway in four markets.

An ASA Collision Division team consisting of operations committee members and staff recently interviewed George Avery, State Farm’s claims consultant, regarding the pilot program. ASA has since posed some follow-up questions and will issue further statements as conversations continue. Several additional interviews are being set up with other industry parties involved in the program. As each exchange is fact- checked for clarity, updates will be shared with ASA members and the industry at large.

“State Farm’s pilot program has a potential to have a tremendous impact on the collision repair industry and the motoring public. It is vital for ASA to approach this situation methodically with an emphasis on facts to ensure that the results of the pilot are in the best interest of the collision repairer. ASA has an obligation to provide our membership, and the industry, as much factual information as possible – just as State Farm has an obligation to answer the community’s concerns,” said Denise Caspersen, ASA Collision Division manager. “ASA also has a responsibility to address issues directly with the parties involved to provide recommendations and solutions benefitting repairers, consumers and the industry.”

Earlier this week, several of ASA’s volunteer leaders representing the collision repair membership also spoke with Rob Cooper, CEO of PartsTrader LLC. ASA’s questions focused on implementation plans, supplier qualifications, data extraction and quality checks on recommended parts. ASA is also following up with Cooper with additional questions and comments.

As ASA continues these industry discussions, it also is seeking additional comments from ASA members. Member feedback is a powerful tool in delivering the repairer perspective to all parties, including the ASA leadership working on their behalf. ASA invites members to continue to share their concerns, comments and experiences by contacting Denise Caspersen at [email protected], or by phone at (800) ASA-SHOP, ext. 106, or (817) 514-2906 (direct).

“This pilot program, which reaches beyond the insurer/repairer relationship, is at a pivotal point to potentially allow adjustments to the program as a result of industry input and analysis. If this tool is to go forward and benefit the entire industry, it requires transparency, mutual understanding and collaboration. ASA is committed to a collaborative process that produces the best possible outcome for the collision repairer,” said Caspersen.

ASA said key issues are the financial impact of this tool on collision repair facilities and how this tool would be a part of providing the best possible repair to the motoring public.

For additional information, go to, or visit ASA’s legislative website at

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