The Aftermarket Educator

Jan. 1, 2020
Using multiple sources and methods, the aftermarket is learning the value of training.
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It’s no secret the aftermarket industry benefits from a strong investment in training. Whether it’s helping parts specialists decipher technical jargon or teaching shop owners business management strategies, the value of training is immeasurable.

However, making sure the investment in training really pays off is another story. Companies might spend time and money developing a training course, only to have three employees attend. Or they could hire an outside trainer only to wind up paying for an expensive sales pitch.

Enter "The Aftermarket Educator," a special training section from the staff at Aftermarket Business. In this section, we offer tips on making the most of training initiatives, case studies of successful training initiatives and an update on hybrid training.

Click on the links below to download PDF articles found in "The Aftermarket Educator."

Making the grade
Using multiple sources and methods, the aftermarket is learning the value of specialized training.

Snapshots of Success: Training that works

Certifiably the best
ASE certification for parts specialists could give a business just the competitive advantage it needs.

Hybrids: The next generation
Time away from the shop can be valuable when it comes to hybrids.

Getting out of the driver's seat
Knowing how to develop a succession plan is a lesson every business owner should learn.

Training wheels: A section of business tips