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Jan. 1, 2020
Readers respond in force to our coverage of key aftermarket issues.


In the story "Sell like a champion" (April 2001), Aftermarket Business correctly predicted that category management would be the hot topic in the automotive aftermarket this year. Since the article appeared, several retailers have gone into action. Advance Auto began a seven-category program, Pep Boys initiated a motor oil pilot and AAIA set an October date to unveil its Extended Line Review.

I believe that an article on category management from the manufacturer’s standpoint would provide timely information for your readers and be a logical follow-up to the April piece.

Edward C. Yates, Interchange Marketing, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

CHARGED UP ABOUT DIYERSEditor’s note: This letter comes as a response to our online question, "How have your do-it-yourself customers changed most over the last 10 years?

Our company is in the battery industry. We have always offered free installation, but five to 10 years ago there was a lot of cash and carry. Nowadays, we have more tow trucks bringing in cars – more than ever before. In some cars the batteries are in the wheel well, and nobody wants to touch that! Our jobs as installers are going to be harder than ever!

Jenelle Dumas, Regional Coordinator, Complete Battery Source, Detroit


I just want to say thanks for News Editor John Wirebach’s front page article in the September issue regarding the jobber loan program, "Support your inventory with WD-backed loan." Based on the number of calls I have received, the article struck a chord with many WDs and jobbers who are feeling the competing pressures of needing more inventory while being constrained by capital.

Tom Bene, Vice President, Deutsche Financial Services, St. LouisLEARNING TO ADJUST

I was shocked when I read some of the responses to the questions posed in the "Over the Counter" section of your magazine (November 2001, pg 116). Mr. Scholl, of Scholl’s Auto Parts seemed a little negative about the way he deals with his younger market. Not all of us grew up having to learn how to adjust and/or rebuild a carb in our garage.

The trend in the automotive aftermarket is adjusting to more bolt on power, than we’re used to in the past. Why tear apart a motor for a cam swap, when you can get the same results bolting on a ram air kit?

As a counterman in a very diversified store, I may be able to see the changes more clearly than in a store that just sells hard parts. As far as getting out from behind those computers, it won’t be long before all your mechanics may need a computer science degree and a laptop to work on your cars.

Joel Aldrich, Counterman, The Autobarn, Grand Rapids, Mich.


Let me start by saying how highly I think of your website, www.aftermarketbusiness.com. You all have truly assembled an outstanding Internet resource! I am a frequent user of the "Market Research" section, and wanted to alert you to three reports that I could not access. Perhaps their links are broken. The reports are as follows:

• Programmed Distribution Report

• Annual Consumer Attitude Survey

• Annual Do-It-For-Me Study

Every other report in the Market Research section works fine. If there is any way I could access these three reports, that would be great.

Thanks for your time,

Michael Chiu, America Online (within their Autos business)

Editor’s note: Corrections have been made and those reports should be accessible. Also, we are in the process of revamping our website to make it even more useful. Keep an eye on our website for these improvements.

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