Mitchell 1's online community reaches 40,000 postings

Jan. 1, 2020
Mitchell 1 has announced the software user's forum for its OnDemand5 Manager/ManagerPlus products has just reached another milestone of 40,000 unique postings from 3,912 registered forum users. The Shop Management Users Forum allows participants to a
Mitchell 1 has announced the software user’s forum for its OnDemand5 Manager/ManagerPlus products has just reached another milestone of 40,000 unique postings from 3,912 registered forum users. The Shop Management Users Forum allows participants to ask software functionality questions, comment on other users' postings and exchange ideas that will increase the effective usage of Manager/ManagerPlus, as well as related Mitchell 1 programs within their shop environment.

“We continue to be quite pleased with the response that our Shop Management Users Forum has received,” said Tim McDonnell, national training manager. “Our goal for this user-driven platform is to provide a powerful, informative destination for customers to interact with subject matter experts (SMEs), peers and more software training tools in a friendly, constructive atmosphere. This allows them to unlock more of the potential of Mitchell 1’s shop management system and take full advantage of its many capabilities to help them operate their businesses more efficiently.

While we've been seeing both new and long-time customers taking advantage of the Shop Management User's Forum, we’re now e-mailing an electronic newsletter (Forum Gazette) with enticing topic highlights to all of our shop management customers, to whet the appetites of additional customers to join us, thus increasing the rate of participation. Speaking of which, we find that once customers know that they can type or bookmark ‘’ on virtually any internet PC or mobile device from anywhere, they are even more likely to keep up with us from home or as they go about their day. We are very proud of this 40,000 postings milestone, as it is clear evidence that our customers have identified a valued training resource that everyone can use on a daily basis at their own pace. Forums can fade or go stale due to lack of attention; our dedicated moderation efforts ensure content is fresh and organized properly. This milestone is especially gratifying to us.”

It all starts with a simple click of the Forum button in the user’s shop management program’s toolbar. With an Internet connection, shops can immediately gain all kinds of new knowledge about running their software more efficiently, which adds significant value to their software investment. There are users reading the forum ( from home or even on their smartphones. Shop management news and developments often appear in the forum first, and polls are conducted with forum members to factor their real-world experiences into our product planning decisions.

The Shop Management Users Forum offers customer access to product expertise when users need it most, seven days a week. In addition to utilizing the support offered for Manager/Manager Plus products, forum members also generate insightful discussions about marketing, business concerns and specific vehicle repair issues that may be baffling them. Shops with less experience are exploring new approaches found on the forum and applying them at their repair shop businesses for increasing their productivity and profitability.

With the combined value of the forum member contributions complimenting Mitchell 1’s own product expertise, the expanding Quick Answers (frequently asked questions) section and the PerformanceCenter video modules/quizzes, Mitchell 1’s customers have more ways than ever to effectively master the many powerful features found within Manager/ManagerPlus programs, whatever their particular learning style might be.

For more information on Mitchell 1 products and services, visit the company’s website at

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