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Jan. 1, 2020
Delphi has announced that three new training courses have been added to its leader-led training curriculum to address servicing the latest technologies entering the aftermarket.
Delphi has announced that three new training courses have been added to its leader-led training curriculum to address servicing the latest technologies entering the aftermarket.

Diagnosing and repairing fuel systems (available Summer 2011), hybrid electric vehicles – diagnosis and repair (available Fall 2011), and diagnosing and repairing light duty diesel engine systems (available Winter 2011) will provide technicians a unique hands-on opportunity to learn the latest repair tips and techniques for these increasingly complex vehicle systems.

In addition, eleven of Delphi’s most popular leader-led courses have been updated to reflect changes in vehicle technologies and allow technicians an insider’s view into real-world repair situations.

“Education can make the difference between successful repairs or comebacks,” said Frank Ordoñez, president, Delphi Product & Service Solutions. “Vehicle technology will continue to march forward and aftermarket technicians need to be ready to address these complex systems. It’s critical in the aftermarket we develop and foster a culture of education. To help drive the success of the industry, it is necessary all channel partners have some type of training or education available to supplement traditional career and technical educational programs. This is especially important when shifting economic conditions can impact public programs.”

Delphi has provided training programs to technicians, shop owners and countermen for more than 12 years. Whether a Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen or Honda, Delphi knows each vehicle’s DNA and delivers training programs to service all vehicles – regardless of make or model. In 2010 alone, the training program experienced an approximately 15 percent increase in attendance. Courses are driven not only by market trends, but customer feedback. It’s their feedback that has helped develop Delphi’s comprehensive program.



Delphi also offers a web-based Learning Management System allowing technicians to learn online at their own schedule and pace. There are 14 modules available with nine new courses being introduced throughout 2011. Delphi also launched a webinar series in 2011. These 45 minute sessions include a 15 minute question and answer session focusing on a variety of topics. The most recent webinar was on MODE $06 data analysis.

Delphi also announced in March it is helping to create a dream come true for one lucky technician this year with its “Win the Delphi Dream Shop” giveaway. The giveaway, to be announced at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in November 2011, will provide one technician Delphi parts, tools, equipment and training to help them upgrade their current shop or build their own Dream Shop. The prize is part of Delphi’s third-annual Destination: Victory Lane promotion

“The Delphi Dream Shop is another way to ‘give back’ to our customers. We are pleased to offer a chance for one technician to open their own shop; start off on the right foot with the parts, tools and training they will need for success. As the company that makes the parts cars are born with, we have a passion for the industry and a desire to help technicians in their day-to-day responsibilities,” said Ordoñez.

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