Jan. 1, 2020
Snap-on Tools has introduced a ¼-inch drive, 12-volt Cordless Ratchet. The new compact power tool allows technicians to remove nuts and bolts without compromising accessibility, states the company. The Cordless Ratchet (CTR2512) provide

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Snap-on Tools has introduced a ¼-inch drive, 12-volt Cordless Ratchet. The new compact power tool allows technicians to remove nuts and bolts without compromising accessibility, states the company. The Cordless Ratchet (CTR2512) provides technicians with power (35 foot-pounds of torque) and speed (260 rpm) to remove stubborn nuts and bolts.

Snap-on For more information, call (877) SNAPON-2 or visit

Specialty parts

The Visteon® Navigation Radio System – a fully integrated replacement in-dash entertainment system is now available for North American passenger vehicles. The system features a 7-inch color digital LCD touch-screen monitor as well as command and control for iPod; Bluetooth hands-free phone operation; a multimedia disk player for audio CDs and video DVD; and satellite radio capability.

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Replacement parts

The Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Carburetor Kit, according to the company, allows you to connect or disconnect the fuel line(s) in seconds with no tools. The kits are sold standard-valved in either AN size 6 or 8, with aluminum washers, and are available to work with 7/8-inch x 20, 9/16-inch x 24 and 5/8-inch x 20 applications in a variety of styles. Viton® seals are standard.

Jiffy-tite For more information, call (888) 605-7788 or visit


Adam's Polishes, Inc.'s newest product — Adams's Complete Machine Essentials Kit — contains the Porter Cable 7424 polisher. Each kit also contains a step-by-step instructional DVD as well as Fine Machine Polish, Machine Super Wax, Swirl & Haze Remover, Detail Spray, All Purpose Cleaner and Two Super Plush Microfiber Polishing Towels.

Adam's Polishes, Inc. For more information, call (866) 965-0400 or visit

Replacement parts

ANSA Automotive introduces a new Silverline Universal Stainless Tip designed to enhance the look of any late model performance sports car or light truck. Available with a 3-inch double wall and a slant-cut outlet, this triple chrome-plated tip (part No. TK9004) features a mirror-bright finish and offers maximum corrosion and "blueing" resistance, maintaining a brilliant shine even under the most extreme heat conditions, according to the company. Silverline is available exclusively through ANSA Automotive Parts Distributors, Inc.

ANSA Automotive For more information, call (800) 841-9166, or visit

Shop equipment

The exclusive all-new line of Uniweld HUMM VAC™ vacuum pumps is now available in the U.S. The HVP 6CFM (yellow) and its two bigger brothers, HVP 8CFM (red) and HVP 12CFM (black) are innovative in design and packed with features, the company says. In addition to the new styling, these pumps feature a wide, sure-footed chassis, a slant back ergonomically balanced handle, an easy access top mount isolation valve, a large oil level sight glass, an accessible gas ballast and a low profile beveled oil drain. The powerful, quiet running 110/220V, 50/60 Hz motors provide a deep vacuum pull that remove moisture and dehydrate a system quickly and efficiently.

Uniweld For more information, call (800) 323-2111 or visit

Replacement parts

Wheel Stud Pilot Pins from Thexton Manufacturing are the newest tools to save technicians time and trouble. Part No. 499, Wheel Stud Pilot Pins, contains two 14 mm pins (M14 x 1.5 thread) and Part No. 500 has two 12 mm pins (M12 x 1.5 thread). Depending on wheel and tire options, these pins fit Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Cadillac Catera, Chrysler Crossfire and Dodge sprinter vans, according to the company. Pins quickly screw into the wheel bolt holes to use as wheel hangers and guides and eliminate the elbows on knees position trying to hold the wheel up while aligning and threading the bolts.

Thexton Manufacturing For more information, call (800) 328-6277 or visit

Replacement parts

Centerforce introduces this DFX Series clutch assembly for 2005.5 to 2007 Dodge Ram 5.9L and 6.7L Turbo Diesel with the G56 Aluminum (Mercedes) Transmission. The new DFX line is the latest series of extreme performance clutches from Centerforce designed as a direct bolt in for perfect fit and function. DFX performance clutch systems utilize a patented Centrifugal Weight System for increased holding capacity with RPM. The DFX part number 01413523 (S.M.F. Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Alignment Tool, and Bolts included) is now available.

Centerforce For more information, call (928) 771-8422 or visit


Penray's Super-X Cooling System Sealer helps seal radiators and prevents leaks. The company reports that a unique advantage of the products is its ability to help seal any new leaks that may develop after the initial application, without clogging the radiator or the heater-core.

Penray For more information, visit

Replacement parts

Philips Automotive Lighting North America has introduced the new Philips CrystalVision 5000K, a powerful, high performance Xenon HID headlamp bulb that was developed specifically as a lighting upgrade for vehicles equipped with Xenon HID headlamp systems. The Philips CrystalVision 5000K is designed to dramatically improve driving vision at night by producing a light that is 25 percent whiter than standard HID headlamp bulbs. Philips CrystalVision 5000K bulbs are street legal and DOT compliant. Based on Philips' recommendations to always replace headlamp bulbs in pairs, it is offered in a two-bulb package for D2S and DR2 applications, the company says.

Philips Automotive Lighting For more information, visit

Shop supplies

The heavy-duty Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter removes water, dirt and debris to ensure proper operation of fuel cans, improve performance and increase longevity, the company says. Constructed from industrial-grade polypropylene, the fast-flowing funnel works with diesel, gasoline, 2-cycle mixed gas, kerosene and heating oil. The built-in, specially-coated, non-stick, stainless steel filter separates water and contaminants and allows only clean fuel to exit the funnel.

Mr. Funnel For more information, visit

Replacement parts

Hargett Precision Products introduces its patent-pending Quick Disconnect Coupler (QDC), which provides improved ease of use when connecting and disconnecting liquid hose and intake/intercooler tube applications. The QDC is a three-piece coupling system that includes two interlocking aluminum couplers that are fastened by a tensioner clamp, with internal double O-ring seals that provide ultimate sealing capabilities. The couplers are precision CNC-machined from lightweight 6061 T-6 aluminum, making them easy to weld to existing plumbing hardware for air or liquid connections, the company says.

Hargett Precision Products For more information, visit

Shop equipment

Durham Manufacturing Company offers 24 Rotabin® units with overhead shelving, 36 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 7 feet high, occupy 216 square feet, states the company. In comparison, it offers Rotabin units the consist of a series of circular shelves that revolve independently of one another mounted in stacks on a vertical stem or axle and operate on the lazy-Susan principle. In a typical small parts storage area, 72 conventional shelf units, 36 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 7 feet high, occupy an area of 216 square feet. Six aisles add 324 square feet for a total of 540 square feet with 218 linear feet of shelf frontage to be walked.

Durham Manufacturing For more information, visit

Diagnostic tools

Electronic Specialties introduces the #910 San Buddy, a full featured, Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish) Scan Tool compatible with all 1996 and newer OBDII vehicles including CAN. Scan Buddy software and DTC library are fully updateable via the internet at ESI'sWeb site. Scan Buddy can display Live Data Stream and Sensor Data from the vehicles PCM. It can also display the Freeze Frame Data information after a trouble code has been set, the company says. Scan Buddy retrieves and erases Trouble Codes & Pending Codes, both generic and manufacturer specific, as well as other system information. Code definitions are displayed on-screen in English or Spanish.

Electronic Specialties For more information, call (800) 227-1603.

Replacement parts

Rostra Precision Controls Inc. introduces a cruise control system for the 2008 Toyota Prius. The new Rostra Prius Cruise Control System features all traditional cruise control functions, including set speed, coast/reduce speed, resume/accel, controlled resume rate and retention of last set speed.

Rostra Precision Controls Inc. For more information, visit

Shop equipment

NHRA racers Tony and Cruz Pedregon have applied their original artwork and designs to create unique, limited-edition tool storage units for Snap-on Tools. The distinctive boxes are detailed with Hispanic-influenced designs, reflecting the Pedregon's family heritage. Both of the designs are available in a Classic Series 11-drawer roll cab and a seven-drawer Heritage Series roll cab with a four-drawer Heritage Series top chest.

Snap-on Tools For more information, visit

Replacement parts

MBRPinc introduces a new line of performance exhaust systems for the inline-four 2.5L or the inline-six 4.0L, 1997-2006 model-year Jeep Wrangler TJ. Choose from the XP Series (T409 stainless – lifetime warranty) or the Installer Series (heavy-duty aluminized steel – three-year warranty). Each comes complete with a mirror-polished T304 stainless tip for your side-exit system.

MBRP Inc. For more information, visit or call (888) 636-7223.

Replacement parts

AEM introduces its Electronic Throttle Control-equipped (ETC) Plug & Play Programmable Engine Management System for the 2004 Subaru WRX STi (Part No. 30-1820) and 2005-06 STi (Part No. 30-1821). The combination of AEM's powerful engine management software, coupled with its ETC module, delivers complete engine control and immediate throttle response via the factory sensors. AEM's ETC is a drive-by-wire system. AEM Engine Management Systems for WRX STi models incorporate the ETC system, which controls the factory electronic throttle body. When combined with the company's programmable engine management system, this unit delivers complete control of the engine via the factory sensors and actuators and works with the OE drive by wire system without a piggyback module, according to the company.

AEM For more information, visit

Replacement parts

SPAL fans are the original equipment choice for many of the world's top automakers —including Maserati and Ferrari, according to the company. Fans ranging from nine to 16 inches are available in a variety of push or pull, straight, paddle or curved blade, medium or low profile, standard, high or extreme performance configurations to suit many particular under hood (and cash flow) scenarios. SPAL controls almost every aspect of engineering and assembly, the company adds.

SPAL USA For more information, call (800) 345-0327 or visit

Replacement parts

Clore Automotive introduces a new line of SOLAR brand Kilowatt Range Power Inverters that includes three new models: PI10000X (1,000 watt), PI15000X (1,500 watt) and PI20000X (2,000 watt). The new Power Inverters, featuring SOLAR Sonic Compression technology, are design to deliver clean, reliable power from a 12-volt power source to a wide variety of power equipment and appliances. Each model features enhanced Peak Power Ratings to meet initial load requirements during start-up for tools and appliances.

Clore Automotive For more information, visit


Joe Gibbs Driven is introducing an automotive degreaser and brake and parts cleaner to complement its line of oils and lubricants sold to the racing and high performance market. While developed for racing, these products will work great in any shop or garage application, according to company. Joe Gibbs Driven Automotive Degreaser is designed to clean the car as well as general all purpose shop applications. Joe Gibbs Driven Brake and Parts Cleaner is formulated to get the job done quickly.

Joe Gibbs Driven For more information, visit

Diagnostic Tools

K-Tool International (KTI) announces the addition of the TPMS Scan Tool to its growing TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) product line. Able to program TPMS sensor IDs, the new tool allows users to "relearn" many Asian vehicles. Additionally, the tool can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and display TPMS data stream values. KTI's scan tool kit includes the TPMS Scan Tool, a durable carrying case, Smart Cable, and ScanMate software, which allows the user to easily download and print captured TPMS data to a PC, the company states. Tool updates can be quickly performed via a flash card.

For more information, call (800) 762-6002 or visit

TOOLBOX: Reader's Reference

• The ALI Directory of Certified Lifts is now "live" on the Web. It is updated on a continuing basis. The site is maintained by Intertek Testing Services, the NRTL administrator of the Automotive Lift Institute's Certified Automotive Lift Program. A printed Directory was issued quarterly prior to April 2000 and is no longer available. On Nov. 4, 2007, the new Safety Standard for Automotive Lift Construction, Testing and Validation, ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006, became fully effective. Only those lifts that have been evaluated and listed by ALI's appointed Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory are listed on the Web site. ALI DIRECTORY

• In an effort to provide customers with educational opportunities that maximize their time, Four Seasons Inc. is developing an online, video-based training series. The first video in the series provides an overview of the various steps involved in replacing a mobile air conditioning compressor. The video is accessible via the Four Seasons Web site home page at by clicking on the Video Spot icon on the right side. Following the steps in this training segment and supplementing it with the printed installation instructions, which is packed with every Four Seasons compressor, will aid technicians in system diagnosis, repair processes, ensuring a properly performing system and maintaining compressor warranty, according to the company. FOUR SEASONS INC.

K-Tool International (KTI), a manufacturer of tools for the automotive aftermarket and professional mechanic, announces the release of the 2008 AccuTorq® chart. KTI's color-coded wall chart (25 inches by 19 inches) shows technicians which AccuTorq stick is indicated for a particular application, as well as the correct torque specifications. This reference tool lists nearly all foreign and domestic vehicles, the company says. For further information, call (800) 762.6002 or visit K-TOOL INTERNATIONAL

Hunter offers a brochure for the new DSP9600 balancer, designed for high-volume shops that prefer Hunter's traditional design. The DSP9600 features a patented ServoDrive™ programmable drive system, which supports a series of features to speed service and increase profitability.r by using the ServoPush feature, which activates the automatic positioning by pushing the wheel. The unique "wheel" graphic display makes data input easy, states the company. The auto-prompting display shows the wheel weight mode and helps guide the technician through balancing procedures. HUNTER

TOOLBOX: Training Programs

• More students will be able to further their automotive education now that Universal Technical Institute, Inc. has developed a $10 million private loan initiative. The program assists select students who have exhausted traditional Title IV student financial aid eligibility are unable to qualify for credit-based loan programs, and therefore may not otherwise be able to attend UTI. Loans will be originated by 1st Century Bank, N.A. and serviced by ACS Education Services, Inc. To ensure that the terms and conditions of these loans remain favorable for students, UTI will bear ultimate financial responsibility for the re-payment of loans originated under this program. For more information, visit UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, INC.

• The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Minnesota (AASP-MN) is offering management and technical training this fall. On Sept. 16, from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., AASP-MN will host, "Gear Up For Waterborne," at Crystal Lake Golf Club, in Lakeville. The course, which will be held just prior to the I-CAR golf outing, will explore the new legislative and regulatory developments and the steps necessary to successfully implement waterborne technology. In addition, AASP-MN will host "Volvos Demystified," Oct. 21, from 6 to 9 p.m., at Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie. For additional information or to register, contact the AASP-MN office at (612) 623-1110 or (800) 852-9071 or visit ALLIANCE OF AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE PROVIDERS OF MINNESOTA

• The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) announces the all day Thrive Electrical Clinic during this year's 2008 International Big R Show will be Nov. 1 from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Bruce Purkey of Purkey's Fleet Electric in Arkansas will discuss the heavy-duty side of the industry. Robbie Sullivan of Accumax will present the latest market situation on starter solenoids and drives, and Mohammad Samii, APRA's coordinator of electrical training, will present a seminar reviewing the subjects that have appeared in his column, Auto Electric Corner, during the past year. Dennis Jacinto, president of Lester Catalog and current chairman of APRA's Electrical Division, will discuss the latest additions to Lester's Kwikfinder system, a Web-based catalog that helps rebuilders identify units for all types of light and heavy duty applications. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS REMANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION

TOOLBOX: PromoPrograms

Scosche Industries is offering special payment terms to customers in the Midwest who have suffered losses from the region's record-breaking floods. Affecting states within the Missouri and Mississippi river basin, the flooding has been the worst in the area since 1993, and losses are estimated in the billions of dollars. As part of its offer to affected customers, Scosche, a member of the Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association, will make available a re-stock discount or extended terms on any orders. For more information, contact your Scosche sales representative or visit SCOSCHE INDUSTRIES

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