Compressed natural gas powered plug-in hybrid refuse vehicle hits the streets

Jan. 1, 2020
Odyne Corporation announced that the City of Fresno has held a press conference to debut and demonstrate the world's first compressed natural gas refuse vvehicle equipped with Odyne's PHEV technology.
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Odyne Corporation announced that the City of Fresno has held a press conference to debut and demonstrate the world’s first compressed natural gas refusevehicle equipped with Odyne's PHEV technology.

The event was held in Fresno, Calif., and in attendance were Fresno Public Utilities Director, Rene Ramirez, Fresno Council of Governments Planner, Jason Paukovits, and City of Fresno Deputy Mayor, Jeff Eben, who acknowledged the City of Fresno’s Department of Public Utilities for their extensive legwork necessary to accomplish the project. “This truck is part of a citywide energy conservation strategy," says Eben. "There is an expected 90 percent reduction in smog-forming emissions.”

The refuse collector has a 10 mile engine-off, zero-emissions driving mode of operation, and has the ability to plug into the grid, fully recharging its batteries and offsetting its fuel consumption.

It consumes clean CNG fuel as opposed to diesel, making it the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) CNG refuse collection truck. The vehicle will quietly navigate through residential neighborhoods, collecting trash, while not polluting the environment and not consuming imported fuels. Odyne believes that this is the product of the near future and Fresno has set the standard for other cities to follow.

Also on hand at the kick-off event was Odyne Executive Vice President, Gus Sfakianos, who states, “Fresno’s enthusiasm and desire for clean alternative fuels and plug-in hybrid systems has lead the way for the deployment of the world's first plug-In CNG refuse collection vehicle. Four years ago, when the rest of the country was trying to understand the future potential and advantages of a plug-in hybrid, the City of Fresno, with its environmentally progressive staff, wrote a specifications document for just such a vehicle. Odyne responded by developing a rechargeable electric hybrid drive system, that has become part of a citywide energy conservation strategy, which will also serve to improve air quality.”

Odyne's plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain and battery control technology enables buses and trucks to operate more efficiently. By plugging the vehicle into the grid, which may be done at low-cost, off-peak hours, the operator substitutes electricity for more expensive vehicle fuel, displacing the imported oil used in diesel or gasoline powered vehicles, and reduces emissions; the hybrid technology provides increased fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance expenses.

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