Cruise Car solar cars incorporated into Honda Classic, utility fleet

Jan. 1, 2020
Solar electric hybrid car maker Cruise Car, Inc., and Florida Power & Light teamed up to provide green power for the recent 2008 Honda Classic Golf Tournament in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
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Solar electric hybrid car maker Cruise Car, Inc., and Florida Power & Light teamed up to provide green power for the recent 2008 Honda Classic Golf Tournament in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

According to the companies, the Honda Classic offset the emission
of 115 tons of carbon into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of
planting 14,000 trees.

"Cruise Car was honored to be involved with FPL's commitment to using
cleaner energy sources by having our solar cars at the Classic," states
Ken Chester, Cruise Car president. "It is companies like FPL that can
make a difference in how America can become personally involved in
utilizing green power. This event allowed us to show the public that solar
electric hybrid cars are real and viable for alterative energy

Thanks to environmentally-conscious enrollees of FPL's Sunshine
Energy Program, FPL was able to purchase enough credits to power the
entire four-day golf tournament using solar energy and wind. Comprised
of more than 37,000 volunteer residential and business customers who
want to support cleaner, renewable electric generation, the program uses
energy credits to introduce alternative energy onto the electrical grid,
reducing CO2 emissions and the need to use more traditional fuel

"Having our solar cars featured at the Honda Classic was just another
example of how alternative energy transportation is catching the attention
of businesses who want to do their part to save our environment,"
adds Chester. "For example, FPL has partnered with Cruise Car to
transform its electric and non-electric fleet of passenger and utility carts to
our solar electric hybrid cars."

Since Cruise Car solar cars are classified as low speed vehicles (LSV's)
which can be licensed for posted speeds of up to 35 mph, they can meet
the need for alternative transportation well beyond the golf course. "We
are working with planned communities, cities and municipalities, colleges
and universities and countless others who are looking for a clean,
inexpensive way to transport people" says Chester, "and what is cheaper
than the green resources of the sun?"

Cruise Car, which is responsible for a range of vehicles from two-passenger models to 14-passenger buses, uses a solar panel system on
its cars that can provide up to 100 percentof the power needed to
transport people or materials using a freely abundant, all-natural
resource...the sun. Cruise Cars replace the need for individuals to be near
an electrical outlet at any time.

Cruise Car is the only manufacturer and distributor of solar electric hybrid
cars in the U.S., according to the company. For more information, visit


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