SEMA Show: Learn More, Earn More

Jan. 1, 2020
DIAMOND BAR, CA (Aug. 10, 2007) - None of us is born with a wealth of knowledge. Each day we discover a little more-sometimes without even realizing that a lesson was taught. Our formal educations may be brief or grand, and much of what we learn may
SEMA Show: Learn More, Earn More DIAMOND BAR, CA (Aug. 10, 2007) - None of us is born with a wealth of knowledge. Each day we discover a little more - sometimes without even realizing that a lesson was taught. Our formal educations may be brief or grand, and much of what we learn may come from examples good and bad, books and magazines, or even casual conversations with friends and coworkers. But to achieve success - particularly in business - we must pursue a constant state of learning. Technology and innovation bypass those who ignore a changing world. The Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) is continuing its tradition of helping its members' businesses succeed and prosper and keep them at the leading edge of business knowledge by offering a host of education opportunities during the four-day SEMA Education Week at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas. These opportunities will allow members to learn about business in general, prepare their stores for the future and learn about specific developments in the automotive specialty-equipment industry. General business seminars More than 60 business seminars will be taught by top experts in their fields. These seminars will span advertising and public-relations techniques, management and leadership skills, making the most of the Internet and other new communications technology and increasing retail traffic and customer service. Among the topics are: * Countermen Training: Phone to Sales Complete the Circle. * Planning for Profits: Strategizing Parts Sales and Inventory Management. * Using Electronic Marketing to Increase Profits and Decrease Costs. * 10 Things You Can Do to Your Web Site Today to Improve Your Web Site Results Tomorrow.Store of the Future and Retail Resource Center In response to feedback from SEMA members about a need for education at the jobber and retailer levels, SEMA is bringing back the "Store of the Future" and "Retail Resource Center," which are being presented by (owned by Advanstar Communications, Motor Age's parent company). In addition, "profit demonstrations" will be provided to help cross-train traditional service businesses on the sales of specialty equipment. A set of exhibits will provide tips on creating and optimizing a retail environment, and include information about plan-o-grams, lighting, shelving, flooring and product displays. In addition to scheduled seminars, at which experts will talk about retail facilities and associated topics, there will also be expert consultants on hand to give one-on-one advice regarding specific retail environments and how to set up a retail space. A free copy of the Retail Resource Guide is available to members at the Retail Resource Center. This handbook will include reprints of various "Retail Store Review" articles from SEMA News, which explain how to lay out and accessorize stores for optimum customer use. The guide also includes listings of service providers that specialize in retail environments, as well as a directory of suppliers of point-of-sale lighting fixtures, flooring, cabinetry and associated materials. The retail center will be located adjacent to the escalators that connect the Las Vegas Convention Center Central and South Halls via the Skybridge.Vehicle technology briefings In addition, SEMA will present a number of technical briefing and discussions strategically targeted at educating attendees about future automotive technology and the industry's hottest trends. Currently scheduled subjects include: * Connected Vehicle Technologies and the Aftermarket: This seminar will discuss the technological transformation of transportation and wireless communication, which is enabling vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and with the infrastructure, thereby improving safety, mobility, vehicle performance and personal convenience. It will also look at the Connected Vehicle Proving Center, which will test, evaluate and showcase connected vehicle systems. * Aftermarket Mobile-Electronics Integration: This session will provide attendees with an overview of the business and technical opportunities that integrate the latest consumer electronics into consumers' favorite cars and trucks. This briefing seminar will be a must-hear discussion for understanding how the consumer-electronics and automotive industries are addressing integration challenges, as well as helping build new sources of revenue for retail locations and installation partners. * Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Systems and the Aftermarket: This seminar will provide a basic technical understanding, combined with practical approaches, for determining the compatibility of a given aftermarket product with an ESC system. The seminar will be highly interactive and responsive to attendees' immediate questions and concerns * Performance Diesel and the Aftermarket Industry: This workshop will provide an overview and outlook of performance diesel-engine development, including current requirements for emissions, aftertreatment, noise-vibration-handling problems, cost and performance. Specific technologies and their impacts on the aftermarket will be addressed, and engine, powertrain and vehicle examples will be highlighted. * TIA Tires at Two: In conjunction with the Tire Industry Association (TIA), the SEMA Show will host a series of seminars aimed directly at the thousands of tire and wheel professionals who attend. The discussions will include a panel discussion titled "Successful Tire Dealers Share Their Secrets," a session on tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), and more.(Source: SEMA)

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