Factory Bulletins: June 2007

Jan. 1, 2020
Service alerts for the 2005 Taurus / Sable, 2004-07 Chevrolet Aveo and more ...
Ford/Mercury: 2005 Taurus / Sable with 3.0L 4V engineSubject: MIL illumination with DTC P035x (ignition coil) but no driveability symptoms may be caused by software problems. This problem may be covered under warranty, or you can reprogram the PCM using the latest software release available at www.motorcraft.com. Bulletin 07-5-1General Motors: 2004-07 Chevrolet AveoSubject: Intermittent misfire with or without misfire codes may be caused by poor engine valve sealing. The misfire may occur under any operating condition and may or may not be noticeable. Revised valves are available to solve the problem, and the bulletin notes that vehicles built before VIN 5B406012 may already have the new intake valves installed. The bulletin includes part numbers but no installation instructions. Bulletin 05-06-01-030CHonda: 2005 Accord HybridSubject: MIL illumination with P0303 and P0304 or P0300 may be caused by software problems. The bulletin notes that normal diagnostics for this fault should be performed first. If no fault is found, reprogram the PCM with software available from Honda under part number 37805-RCJ-325. Bulletin 07-016General Motors: 2003-05 Cadillac CTS, CTS-V, SRX Subject:  An intermittent overnight battery failure may be caused by the instrument panel light switch. Located on the overhead console, the lever can be "slightly engaged" but not enough to turn on the interior lights. This causes the control module to cycle on and off, keeping other modules in the vehicle activated, but it will not show up on a scan tool. The bulletin lists part numbers for new switches and includes installation instructions. Bulletin 04-06-03-003CHonda: 2005 Civic Si Subject:  MIL illumination with P0134 (air/fuel ratio sensor) may be caused by software problems. The bulletin notes that normal diagnostics for this fault should be performed first. If no fault is found, updated software is available from Honda under part number 37805-PNF-305. After reflashing the powertrain control module (PCM), an idle relearn procedure is required. Bulletin 07-015Isuzu: 2006 Ascender with 4I60-E automatic transmissionSubject: MIL illumination with P0894 and harsh 1-2 shift may be caused by a leaking torque converter clutch (TCC) enable solenoid, which is part of the transmission wiring harness. The bulletin notes that solenoids with a brown valve body crack near the mold seam, but those with a white body do not. The bulletin includes part numbers, illustrations and procedures for testing the valve after removing it from the transmission. Bulletin SB07-04-S001Land Rover: 2002-05 Freelander Subject:  A safety recall has been issued to correct a faulty brake light switch. The switch may go out of adjustment and cause the brake lights to remain illuminated at all times. Warning lights for traction control, hill descent control and cruise control also may be illuminated. This is a factory recall, and Land Rover dealers will install a redesigned switch at no cost to the customer. Bulletin SRE07-07Subaru: 2005-06 Legacy, Outback with 2.5L turbo and manual transmissionSubject: A radiator fan that runs continuously may be caused by a faulty relay. An electrical surge caused by Radiator Cooling Fan Relay #2 can damage the powertrain control module (PCM), causing it to command the fan to run any time the engine is running. If the fan does not operate properly even after replacing the relay, the PCM must also be replaced. The bulletin includes diagnostic instructions, part numbers and a list of affected VINs. Bulletin WVB-12Toyota: 2004-05 Camry with 2AZ-FE engine Subject:  MIL illumination with P2103, P2111 and/or P2112 may be caused by a faulty hose connecting to the throttle body. If normal diagnostic procedures do not pinpoint the problem, the bulletin calls for installation of a new throttle body and vacuum hose. The bulletin includes part numbers and complete installation instructions, but no diagnostic instructions. Bulletin EG023-05Volkswagen: 2002-04 Golf, Jetta, New Beetle with 2.0L engine Subject:  MIL illumination with P1355, P1358, P1361, or P1364 may be caused by a faulty ignition coil ground wire. The wire connects to chassis ground under the battery, and repair requires removing the battery and replacing the wire. The bulletin includes illustrations and repair instructions for each model. Bulletin 01 07 28

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